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  1. try not to overpost yo flickz..
  2. <img src=http://hyperphoto.photoloft.com/view/exportImage.asp?s=cano&i=10091619&w=256&h=192>'>
  3. arek_4$


  4. and what the fuck are you trying to prove? you aint no fucking thug.. even if you considered yourself one, fuck that.. you aint shit
  5. howzit goin? yah, like the guy said, the best thing to do is ignore them. all theyre trying to do is get you all pissed off, and if you let them piss you off, they won control over you. just ignore what they post because all they do is talk shit, and if you think of it.. they must be a fucking loser to keep coming back to this thread to talk more shit. theyll get theirs, and will burn in hell. anyways dude, keep faith. peace
  6. yo nak, you have a really good heart man. i respect that. its good to see how you dont need to put up with their b/s. keep your head up always. peace -planone
  7. hey dude, is everything alright? well, my mom recently passed away like two months ago from cancer. i felt empty, and confused. didnt know what was happening.. i really wanted my mom to see me grow up, and live a good life. i know shes proud of me and how strong ive kept. i really do miss her. keep your head up always, and never lose faith. stay strong. peace, -planone ( to:haters- you guys are a waste of life. when you DIE, i hope you turn into a public toilet, so everyone can piss and shit on you...)
  8. arek_4$


    itk from hawaii kai?
  9. Dilated Peoples Loot Pack Styles Of Beyond Company Flow Slum Village Beat Junkies Afura Bahamadia Sound Bombing
  10. arek_4$

    new sketch

    http://image.photoloft.com/opx-bin/OpxFIDISA.dll?s=cano&src=/PhotoLoft/Asset19/2002/07/19/9840/9840655_0_5327.fpx,0,0,1,1,512,384,FFFFFF'> i like plan:cool:
  11. arek_4$


    ahhh hellllll nooo you didnt go there:lick:
  12. arek_4$


    omg shut the fuck up already. you say the same shit over and over.. you should draw a rainbow on your face fag.
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