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  1. Fo' ThEm PeOpLeS DoWn In SaN DiEgO, ChEcK OuT ThIs Up CoMiNg EvEnT On 01.31.04! MoRe InFo At www.AerosolArts.com http://www.aerosolarts.com/images/flyer.jpg'>
  2. MoRe InFo... HeRe'S SoMe MoRe InFo FoR YoU LiTtLe BaStArDs... ClIcK On ThE WeBsItE LiNk... www.AerosolArts.com
  3. Fo ThE PeEpS DoWn In SaN DiEgO, ChEcK ThIs UpCoMiNg EvEnT!!! http://www.aerosolarts.com/images/flyer.jpg'>
  4. http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0YADoBNQb1Uk2OaMnsfsAObaIlam5DPP*Kuc1v4yx2NyY3HBVub5RYyq7oDFg79jM0wmjs71DIre4GcLEoIqg2KKBE9Loh2x93sNYMIwwvRfpmBSThI0p0hNEgBeUP94PJ9WFRUS6FPZ!cmUETW96aQ/bmc-color2.tif?dc=4675388509778760673'>
  5. Word Of Advice: Just Kill Yourself...
  6. MC Archie Dean, when his Album going to come out??? I heard DIVE got down for OAC...Is this really true?
  7. Dive: Came up to my homie ONAR BCK, after crossing him out for a while, talking shit, when Onar was in front of Dive, Dive didn't do shit in the yards, Onar asked to battle, but Dive refused...Dive is a lil white punk, i'll stab him in his neck, on the other hand, Hindue, he gets up yes, but he's hated by All of Cali and even his own homies, tisk tisk...
  8. Loving This... http://www.inlandevil.puregraffiti.com/12oz/sd/sd1.jpg'> And about that freeway problem, they buff that shit with the quickness, it's hard to even have a bomb on the freeway for a day, next day they usually gone...
  9. Now who wanna talk shit bout Daygo??? MAD MOTHERFUCKER PROPS FOR THE MAKER OF THIS THREAD, SAN DIEGO THE MOST BEAUITFUL CITY!!! -I'm Mad Drunk and weeded!!!!
  10. *Word Of Advice* If your going to start a thread, at least have some good decent pictures on it...
  11. Forgot, the character is from Persue and the Piece from Zane...
  12. http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/muros/joker-reak.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/muros/joker-junior-sketch.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/muros/joker-inblue.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/muros/joker-periferico.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/muros/joker-leslie.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/muros/joker-muro2.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/muros/joker-inicios5.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/muros/joker-barda.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/cuadros/cuadro1.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/cuadros/cuadromarilyn.jpg'> http://usuarios.lycos.es/joker2000/humo/humo-sketch-junior.jpg'> That's all for now, props to Joker and the rest of the DNC crew, This thread got me hungry for some Tacos!
  13. Let Me Try Again... http://www.graffiti.org/tj/2tj.jpg'> Pursue/Tijuana
  14. http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Labyrinth/6312/cuent2.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Labyrinth/6312/cuent3.jpg'>
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