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  1. asfixia-t


    Plain out genious.. "browsing your memory is always more enlightining than present, any present." I agree..:D yep
  2. yeah yeah i must agree on that gay thing... he does do some prettty gay stuff come on.. look at it twice and you'll see it ..i used to like that show till i started to notice gayness all over aaaaaaaaaaaaaah... k bye..
  3. i thought the first one was waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy way better. fighting scenes too long.. ending sucks and i could go on but nah.. i like the first one more...
  4. Well i say .. you pull up to this peoples, looking interested on the bike.. like your going to buy it ..then you make an offer regardless of answer.. you get off your ride or who ever's ride your driving.. or if walking you can pulled off too.. anyways then you get that sacred bat of yours and start swinging man.. swiiiing!!! swing it really hard against his head till it bleeds mean while you spill out your raging words... then while your victim is hopless onthe floor.. you take your bike..then say thank you i need that...till we meet again my friend.. all right i'm a little frustrated you don't have to do all that but hey someting like that could work.. K by know..
  5. kristy! what the hell is that...??/
  6. aaaah...noo. dude be real secret sucks acet is o.k. seen better.. not impressed.. stop kissing ass...:mad:
  7. winter is not that bad.. just take as it comes.. at times like this you gotta do... what you gotta do...:crazy:
  8. red dragon... It's o.k... i would of rather watched it at the Dollar show...so who ever is wise you... like some one mention before... try same script.. different actors... then you might have what you call a good movie.. Hey can same one remember a quote from the movie?? i was trying to but couldn't... shame on me shame on me.. oh well
  9. hey man... to my thought i think she misses you.. and she is as confused as you.. and before you move on ( 2 new girl) get your emotions or what ever settled.. other wise your gonna be real confused for a while.. but then again what do i know ...
  10. ooh thank you ...thank you... thank you... damn detroiters!
  11. wow.. she serious... iphs.. nice stuff!! I like...:D Damn i'm impressed..
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