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  1. harry

    150ml hycote

    ah hykote..still love that paint...i used to always use old duplicolur caps on em..goldust now ..blue dots are nice fro crisper lines,and u can use all the fat caps on em..but dont expect it to come ou as fat as montana..just experiment..
  2. harry


    bump bump for dris..and all tds...top quality top guys!!
  3. bump for hope tase and kak...still burnin...
  4. tda klann dublin 04 http://img40.photobucket.com/albums/v123/raskal1151/NEMO-WALL-crop.jpg'>
  5. mm..just had a email conversation with mr abc..spoke to europe on the phone recently....dont really know many other peole on here
  6. thought id bump this back up.. maser in action.dublin 04 http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid108/p0cd1ba0c51a7b841f4f48e70b15e2cc5/f948b917.jpg.thumb.jpg'>
  7. hee he...hope u can sort out the details abc...we can have one more crazy week..and then next time im gonna come to your town!!
  8. dude..seriously..i just saw this .are u for real...i take it hrs and tsc are your crews....uek and rcs definelty out there on the streets and the lines..but there are a few other crews out there for a long time too SBC TDA KLANN STD TML/FO some of these crews have been around for years and constantly paintin n dublin
  9. harry

    MMM MMM!

  10. harry

    First Evers

    if they are your first peices..then i deffinetly see potential..dont mind the haters, there is plenty of them in this game..keep on doing your thing
  11. this is really excellent.....really like it
  12. :lol: :lol: ..nice shot of the faxe Kondi Europe....
  13. goddamn..that was one cool place to chill on a sunny copenhagen evening..sippin a corona and blazin up your prefered herb..cant beleive its gone..
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