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  1. I apologise for starting this thread. Let it die.
  2. Re: Re: all this text Hey Devilush :) Sounds like all is going good! Great to hear from ya! I lost all my email contacts when i changed jobs. sucks. And don't worry I haven't forgot i owe ya a package ;) Will get that organised as soon as possible! Don't 4get to email me! x heir
  3. all this text is making my eyes hurt...this is a flick post god dam it! So here goes it... http://www.hellskids.com/images/HeirAnzac204.jpg'> comments please... p.s. love to hear how all you girls are going! drop me an email if yas want (especially post and devilush) ---> heir@hellskids.com
  4. okay Female writers=minority...why not have a thread where we (the girls) can connect with each other and encourage, inspire and show strength to other girls who want to or are painting. Some of whom are probably being dissed. Fact is, we're a rare breed and hopefully this thread will help us multiply. I don't mind people knowing I am a female, yet when I am critisised or complimented on my work, I expect that the "for a girl" will not be brought into the sentence. We shouldn't have to hide our identity to receive "legitiment props". That's just my 2 cents.
  5. askew ---> Awesome job on the disruptiv magazine! It was totally refreshing, it amped me like I haven't been amped in months. And the price is great too...even though i didn't pay for it cos it was a bday gift.
  6. no no no no no someone had to ruin this GRAFF thread didn't they. leave the perving outta here pls. :eek: http://www.hellskids.com/images/heir/HerChrcraig.jpg'>
  7. sorry what's it say? you forgot drop shadow on the first letter. ;)
  8. Re: Re: cmon guys well i was just taking a guess that the dudes dissing on here are jealous or just can't accept the fact that girls are writing and possibly gettin up more and doing better quality shit than them. that whole "neh neh neh, you got beaten by a girl" bullshit. It wasn't directed at you. that joke sucked though...like these do Q. How are men like television commercials? A. You can't believe a word either one of them says, and they both last about 30 seconds. Q: Why is it dangerous to let your man's mind wander? A: It's too little to be out alone.
  9. cmon guys it's not attractive when you show you're jealous. Stop wasting ya time.
  10. awesome wall Such variations in style. I'd have to say i like the Jelous the best. How old is that?
  11. M im luvin it skoda----> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/p552708808d2452e2a0cd5cc6f589291e/fa660362.jpg'> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/pcfac5f7eaae8195bf22733d46cf2ef58/fa660366.jpg'> Spice----> (scanner's fuct, sorry for poor quality) http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/p6ae2910c49ed1c73dd69243362642f2c/fa660369.jpg'> Bela----> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/pb7ab90ba288d881b04a8982466f71c74/fa660375.jpg'> http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid91/pfc39a694db546dc8c1d286107591b416/fa66201e.jpg'>
  12. block rocking beats Thanx Elleg. You guys are all sweet 2. :) White definately has some nice stuff. I'd like to see some awra from melburn if anyone has some flix and some Eve's from sydney. I've ran out of flix..but i'll be back.
  13. soooo fresh. i've always enjoyed looking at your work phem. Good to see you taking advantage of the freights 2. Those posts burnt all of mine put together ;) we're uniting as a minority. getting along. giving props. saying hi. saying bye. sharing. inspiring...
  14. Re: fixed links No probs. *You need to view the photo in full view. *Right click on the image and go to properties *Highlight the URL address and copy it *Paste it into the image link in 12oz. ----If ".jpg.orig.jpg" is at the end of the url ---- you need to delete the last two (".orig.jpg"). EXAMPLE. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid8...3a.jpg.orig.jpg becomes http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid8...f0/fa8b7a3a.jpg Should be easy enough to understand ;)
  15. fixed links there we go. ;)
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