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  1. none of the pics are showing for me right now for some reason.But anyway go here to see more of the bashers crew stuff.They were cool guys and have some prettty nice work.peace my pics are coming soon.
  2. yeah it was a cool event, but your missing a few pics.I got pics pics of all the pieces and filmed some stuff to, so ill be getting my pics up pretty soon.peace
  3. yes they suck its been a month and i havent got my caps, it pisses me off and i dont know what to do.
  4. well ive been in and out of their severl time with no problems.beside the fact i almost went insane because of boredom.other thatn that it wasnt to bad i just had to stand up for myself and take no ones shit.itll go by quick for you i hope.
  5. i have way to many to list, but my favorites that stick out till this day are my first time getting smoking pot.and everytime that i have fried out and done shrooms and x, no bad experiences with those yet.i dont really care for coke anymore it just isnt what im into, i like being calm and coke makes me angry sometimes and feal like shit.
  6. blah

    damn rain

    yeah man fuck the rain, its been raining here to.but today is looking good, so im really fucking happy about the weekend.yay
  7. hah, this is some real funny shit :)
  8. blah


    id kill over that but anyway, very nice thread i hope theirs more pics added.maybe ill get some up.
  9. bump for this very nice thread , and that trunk full of paint that i whish was mine :)
  10. the ces and yes2 freight owns
  11. i was scoring some coke for some freinds and while i was in the house i could have sworn that willy walked in and scored half an eight himself, well who knows heh.
  12. blah

    the rave thread

    i like x but i dont care for raves, however i have actually been to a few cool raves, but their is mostly a bunch of weirdos usually but it doesent matter if your on x
  13. i got my woman a big brown bear some ballons candy and a yellow and red rose =]
  14. emo and punk are different but please lets not even get into this shit.
  15. usually it shouldnt just run on its own it runs if you have it scheduled to or if set it to doi that at that time.to have it run at a certain time on its own you go to start> programs> accesories> system tools> scheduled tasks.and then just set it up when you want it to run or make it not run on its own if you dont like that.also it will not run if you have anything else in your comp going on like even a screen saver will make it restart and this could make the defragging take ages, so turn everything off if your goingto defrag and yes its good for the comp itll speed it up a bit.
  16. well seriously almost everyday but that stopped about a week and half ago when i started talking to my ex agian, but i still got laid yesterday after school =].
  17. kabar do they have a website
  18. i agree completely and people like that make me sick if i got told that shiiiit id teach the boy a lesson and hopefully straighten him up before he corrupts more of the community.
  19. Re: trends... yo grand do you mean coricidan (the little red pills), damn im not sure if i spelled it right either but if thats what your talking about yeah i remember like 3 or 4 years ago i did that alot.and they sure are trendy now.
  20. well i didnt really try to go out and learn the history i just sort of picked it up on accident.
  21. blah

    texas graffiti

    I didnt want to take up space and start a whole new thread on this question and since its about texas i figured it would be just as good if i posted it here.So anyway im going to houstan tomorrow and im wondering if they have any type of graff shops or atleast somewhere i can get myself some caps.Thanks for the help in advance.
  22. Damn he was really fucking young, its sad.RIP smurf!
  23. Damn clogged caps is turning out to have some pretty good writers showing up its going to be off the heazy fo sheazy!So everyone go, heh.
  24. blah

    texas graffiti

    Yeah i mean i know he has skills but he seems to be stuck on the same basic pice just different colors pretty much, anyway sometimes im into 3d sometimes not because sometimes i see some and it just doesent make me think of graffitti so yeah.And come on people post some shiiiit up!
  25. very nice, and ill be sure to be at clogged caps 2 cause im looking forward to all the tight graff! ;)
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