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  1. i seen that darn show before..its pretty nice.. i mos deffy like it..theres one with these latina lesbians and they had a tape of these two girls eating around and stuff.. ya it was pretty intense..good quality too..you can see she went down on the other girl..i just had to rub one..! peas
  2. GLENDALE>MD>>SCARYLAND>> hey..i know this one place around my area..its a old abandom place now this place is fucking nuts.its a mental joint and a hospital. the story goes that during the day. many mental patients used to escape through these underground tunnels that led to the mental hospital, but since they were kinda mental.they got lost and soon died in the tunnels...then later in became a hospital, and people with like chicken poxs died.i went there once, the whole area is SPOOKY. i friends hear a girl crying while they were in a field about to go to the hospital....ohh well....if ya head come down around DC... visit the GLENDALE HOSPITAL....have fun!
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