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  1. Mbezl

    i was...

    yeah we got that to is this show and its just pure hip hop and every episode they do one of the elements so every 4 weeks they do graff there is guys doin whole pannels piecein the streets is preatty sweet
  2. to far :o about an 30min drive but its fucked when the guy that drive us dosent come than we gota go to the closest station to the yard hang around there all day till it gets late enof than walk about an hour and a half
  3. i was in a tunnel once and a guy who lived down there attacked me and all my mates and he attack preatty much every writer that goes down there with all the writers in our area they mainly get respecet but 1 they are full bunner cunts 2 they get up tones like every where u go there shit is there 3 they know if u hang out with tones of bunner writers 4 or they have got up somewhere noone eles has
  4. long pants [so u can be i dentified by skin colour] and a sweat shit with a hood a paint mask when u go with ur friend dont use ur actual name or tag
  5. Mbezl

    run, bitch, run

    yeah me and a mate where doin throwies on this wall and the cops came up so were hiding and they drive past so we go bas to his and they started goin past his house every 5 - 10 minutes so every time theyed go we'd run out and do some shit and they couldnt work it out it was preatty funny!
  6. yeah it is tones easy to get chicks with graff me and one of my mates we thrash out the trains on the was home from school and a few times chickes have come up to us and asked us to put up there name and shit like this and usually after they gives us there phone number i kicks ass!
  7. i had a dream like that i was get en it on with this chick a painting at the same time..... the ultamate day!!
  8. there are motion camers here people just wear masks or fuckem up
  9. i listen to mostly rap some songs make me wanna sketch if there talkin about garffin and destroyin trains and shit like that i started sketchin tones more when i started listening to graff songs and watchin wild style [the gratest movie ever made]
  10. Mbezl


    on the subject of sites has any one ever come across an aussie based site or a site that has tones of aussie riters? if any one has e-mail me p_fumes@hotmail.com
  11. Mbezl

    put yo hood up

    hmmm probly chalk yep that shit aint never commin off hahaha
  12. Mbezl

    Getting Caught

    when ur arsessted all u legally have to tell them is ur name age adress and phone number tell them nutun eles and if they come to ur house tryen to serch the place make sure they have a warrent if they dont tell em to fuck off [ make sure u hide all ya shit any way] and wen they do bust ya just act like a smart ass eg cop: why did u graffitti on that wall riter:what graffitti the only graffitti ive ever seen i the shit that u were doin on my fence last night. u get the drift basicly keep ya mouth shut and dont dob any riters is cause they can have u up for helpin ya friend hide and shit like that
  13. Mbezl

    Gay writers?

    i wouldnt really bother me if i was if a crew with a gay dude i aint like hes gunna try nutun ive met a gay riter and fuck hes pieces were kick ass yo bodice_ripper u said someone rote dyke one of ya pieces they might not have been havin ago at ya i know there is this guy who rites dykes so maby it was just him cappen ya
  14. while ur up there just go all out and do a few pieces while ur at it [ thats if u got the time and the paint]
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