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  1. if you were to chose one store which store would that be to get free stuff for the rest of your life. such as a fast food place, walmart etc. keep in mind you cannot resell the shit to people to get other stuff from other different stores, places, what would that store be? then explain why.
  2. why... thats just.....PARTY FOUL!
  3. Re: miz303 naw honestly im not him he hasnt painted for like 3 months and he told me he wanted to quit i guess he was tried of all the politics and drama and the usually bullshit Go Johnny Shellshock!
  4. oh well thats one less toy :) a personal favorite of mines http://www.silentwrytes.com/gnesB6.jpg'> http://www.brokenschool.com/12oz/gnexer.jpg'> http://www.brokenschool.com/12oz/skullturtle.jpg'>
  5. yeah deep down i know im the best for her but i cant chose destiny or control life
  6. sorry to start another thread about girl problems im at work and this has been driving me crazy for the past week. So i decided to spill the beans on here and ask for thoughts and etc. I really dont have a problem meeting girls its just that most of the girls i meet are dumb ass hoes. And hoes aint shit to me cept a lip on my dick. then one day i meet this girl and she's just fucking awesome she was a smile that melts my soul, got a mind that will take her far, got eyes twinkly as the stars. ok ok im sorry about the poetric shit. we hang out a couple times we watched movies, gave her flowers stolen in the neighborhood when she was down. etc. etc. i tried to kiss her once but she says no. she tells her friends she would take me as a boyfriend but she isnt ready shes afraid of being crowded in and she feels like she wants space meeting other people etc. and we dont even hang out that much. maybe like 2 times a week or so. i guess the reason for this was because of her ex stalker boyfriend or some shit but it happened like a year ago. i honestly want the best for her even if it meant another guy but it kinda hurts my heart i dont know what to do, what to think, and how much longer i can be so patient it been like 2 months allready hanging out with her. maybe this isnt shit but is it? iIve been trying to do my own thing meeting other girls etc painting working blah blah blah but when ever the thought of her comes in my mind im in mental pain i feel frustrated. i know there is far worse pain out there but damn it id like to hear some thoughts and ideals on my situation.
  7. 1.) platapie 2.) swif1 (uraznlvr8@cs.com) 3.) j (mindspin@dp.net) 4.) nato (grazing_in_the_trash@yahoo.com) 5.) Me IS cool (meka@ihumpmypillow.com) 6.) -sudz- (cereal_kid@hotmail.com) 7.) (zest0ne@hotmail.com - the 0 is a zero) 8.) makros (x6x6x6@myself.com) 9) bodice_ripper (bodice_ripper@hotmail.com) 10)expansionAE (def_mode@hotmail.com) 11)ego trippin (supo_one@hotmail.com) 12) -MOE LESTER- (acidxtreme21@hotmail.com) 13) El Mamerro 14) Giving Tree (pending new email check) 15) TT (heroin183@hotmail.com) 16)stratodab (jimharris@fuse.net) 17)blood as ink (funwithrazors@hotmail.com) 18) SKUMBALUCKAH (scumbaluckah@hotmail.com) 19) OVERsketched (S1LLK@hotmail.com) Im in Japan at the moment but in 9 months ill be in Australia again.. 20) sectorTVA (sersec@lycos.com) 21) SayOne (sayoner82@aol.com) 22)Brainchild (webmaster@brokenschool.com)
  8. apple C = copy apple X= cut apple v= paste apple z= undo apple s= save with out them ill gain an extra mile of mouse movement
  9. http://www.cat-scan.com/Old/twocats.jpg'> and one last one to keep it real http://www.cat-scan.com/Old/chip.jpg'>
  10. http://www.cat-scan.com/Old/RobinScan.jpg'> check this out hee hee hee
  11. http://www.cat-scan.com/Old/jpeg.jpg'>
  12. http://www.cvm.uiuc.edu/vth/oncology/images/dog_scan.jpg'>
  13. ha ha ha ha bump to the top opedilly keeping it alive
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