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  1. thank you sir i love you too.
  2. how about you stay out of this Smart, you poll-nazi the people have spoken and i have been chosen lord of the 'late night' airwaves
  3. ha you fags, i just got done talking to her oh shit the commercial break is almost over
  4. oh fuck david and his homoerotic show of crap talentless bastard with his 'top ten' lists and tired 'comedy' but what can you expect from a station geared towards people who are either senile or wear depends undergarments, not much. and yes paul is gay, how do you think david got that gap in his teeth? thats right folks you now know the truth now turn the channel and watch something worthwhile
  5. fuck you shitface *and just for your info: its not called the 'monolouge' its called 'the laugh zone'
  6. http://members.cts.com/sd/c/conan/O'Brien.gif'> thank you my minions i do my best
  7. http://maccentral.macworld.com/famous/images/conanup.gif'> i hosted the emmys tonite where were you tom? at home fucking your fist to sally jesse? goodnite.
  8. later buckaroos internet connection is going apeshit mahalo, hoots, and shoots
  9. okay so its kinda amusing.
  10. dont steal my comedy bits fucker! or ill have mr. t regulate http://conanvideos.jt.org/images/10-12-00/mr_t.jpg'>
  11. http://conanvideos.jt.org/images/01-26-00/backfire.jpg'> yeah sometimes the audience turns on me but then i say... hey im conan ofuckinbrien!, its my goddamned show! ill say and do what i please!
  12. yeah cameltoe annie gave me somethin nasty on my weiner a while back http://conanvideos.jt.org/images/06-14-00/cameltoe_annie.jpg'>
  13. my friend triumph has something to say... http://www.irvingplaza.com/band/img/triumph_photo.gif'> canada, yes you brought celine dion to the world her voice is so horrible only me and my bitches can hear it but seriously, but seriously... canada is a great country... for me too poop on!
  14. http://www.pked.net/files/obsessed/brunothemasturbatingbear'> i have a friend just like you tease
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