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  1. I like videos that go along with the song... and actually fuckin match the song. I hate that shit like "Big Pimpin" Jay-Z bull... why the fuck do I wanna see some big lipped mutha fucka dnacin round in a Hawaiin shirt with a buncha hoes, nah whut I mean? When cats get creative and do something never before done... thats when im impressed wit a video. I mean, look at Michael Jackson... it did things that were'nt yet done, and to this day he has almost every fan he did then... because he was unique! Just check the thriller video... that was the first video to ever do somethin on that level... just my O.P. Wun
  2. Can you get AIDS from these prostitutes???
  3. How can u even compare the 2??? Shit.... Nas has sold out a bit since his first album... but Gay-Z has NEVER spit a good track... He is an ugly, weak-flowin cat that needs ta step up out the game!
  4. I didnt say kids should'nt LISTEN to rap now... but its trendy for all these lil kids to start tryin ta rhyme... it just gets ta me...
  5. What the fuck are ya'll talkin about? Just niggaz talkin? Okay one... It aint just africans & Jamaicans rhymin, so that comment is fucked up. 2, do you know how hard it is to create a quality rap track? Its usually fast paced, meanin a hell of alot more lyrics are needed to make a track. Not to mention, it takes good grammar & extremely good vocabulary, and the ability to flow along with a beat. I want any one of you rap hatin cats to grab a microphone, a beat & record a beat, upload it and let me listen to it... I bet $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 that you cant do that shit!!!!! I love all sorts of music.... the problem with rap nowadays IS (no matter what you say) commercial hip hop! I dont care how many cars Ludacris or Cash Money has, and I dont wanna listen to some fool tell me he likes "Girls, girls, girls", especially when a huge majority of males do. I suggest yall go listen to some music with a message... try Dead Prez... I am against commercial shit... but that dont mean I love all underground, some of that shit is wack. I DO hate those rich suburban cats (whether white, black, spanish, asian, middle-eastern) that go around tryna be "gangstaz"... I wish I could fuckin slap every one of those mutha fuckaz that are just tryna get in the game cuz its popular. I been in this shit since I was 6... so if you aint loved it since it began, then dont start now that its the trendy thing. And again, I cant stand any non-african/Jamaican race (EVEN SPANISH PEOPLE) that say "nigga"... PLEASE do not say that shit... even some negroes be playin that shit way out...
  6. Whats the point of that? Why not just peep that shit online?
  7. I only got the net last month....... what the fuck is a net trade????
  8. *Maury Povich hands the mic to TheStupidToy* "Mutha fucka, you need to call up ya girl, and tell her the truth! Tell her how your hurting, and tell her that you cant go on the same without her!" *Crowd cheers*
  9. Stop teasing us! We wanna know what you lied about..... that way we can decide if you deserved it or not.....
  10. (Breaths with cold air pouring out his mouth).... "I..... I see Camel Spiders" "They are everywhere, all around us..... they dont think they're full..... they ask me to do things for them"
  11. Just look at your human hand...... even with all the technology out there today, scientists cannot replicate it. Something has created a whole world.... every little thing is amazing. Like how our bodies function, and recreate more people by liquids and eggs..... its just way to complicated. I mean, look how perfectly the Photosynthesis system works, allowing everything to be on a cycle..... there is no way we just came here from nothing! No way at all!
  12. Yea...... but then they would flood into here......... like maggots
  13. TheStupidToy


    Because I cant stand Bjork?
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