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  1. weis


    ice cream, i wish i could have ice cream. haha I'd just like to paint with someone sometime to see what it's like and decide what i like more. People have different prefrences. Mabey i will like solo more. I like BMXin solo more. So mabey it's for me
  2. weis


    internet sites havent really been a big influence on my style. I've developed my own. And i paint by myself right now. But i bet most people here go out with their crew or whatever. You can look out for each other. I just dont want to get caught some night because i cant look and paint at the same time
  3. weis


    This is weird. I've sketched for about 2 years and only started painting the past couple of months. The thing is, i think i'm the only writer in the whole city. (a small city mind you) I'm always looking over my back and shit when i paint. I have no one araound lookin out for me. I have 3 friends that sketch. One of them painted in texas but only sketches here and he's really good. I have another friend that sketches and i'm not sure if he'll do any walls. But there's this one more guy. He's a good friend of mine and he sketches. And he has the BEST style in his sketches. I think he might go painting with me after christmas or something. But for now i'm alone Anybody here have no one to paint with? It's pretty shitty
  4. weis

    SNOW! What Am I To Do?

    Exactly. And i live in Newfoundland. And beleive me, it's worse than Alberta. Mabey you heard about how much snow we got last year in total? About 615cm. that's 20 feet. Quite a bit of snow. It doesn't stop any writing at all
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