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  1. Yup, couldn't agree more. when I was younger it definitely was all I thought about. I also got the boot from college due to graff/partying. Now that I'm also over 25 things are different. I can't do as much shit as I use to. But it is hard to resist sometimes. Once an addict always an addict.
  2. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/la594/03.jpg'> http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/la594/04.jpg'> http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/la594/01.jpg'> http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/la594/02.jpg'> Anyone have any flicks from the first Hex Slick Battle? Great thread by the way. Cali in the 80's/90's GOOD SHIT!!!! I gotta see what other flicks I can find!
  3. Didn't MQ go over all those JA throw-ups? if so does anyone have a pic?
  4. old_soul

    cool MQ flix

    This was also mentioned in one of the JA threads but does anyone have pics of MQ going over JA?
  5. It seems that there are always hot chicks in the dental field.
  6. The Apple Pan on pico right near the Westside Pavillion. Hands down one of the best burgers out there. I would take it over in-n-out any day & I love in-n-out. Small little diner place. If you haven't eaten there your missing out. Get the hickory burger. One note though, I think there closed on either monday or tuesday. DAMN I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!
  7. old_soul

    Stockton 209

    Anyone from stockton? I lived there for a couple of years in the mid 90's. Anyone got flicks or info on the scene email me. la594@hotmail.com
  8. old_soul

    cool MQ flix

    I would have liked to have been around when he & JA battled. That must've been some crazy bombing.
  9. wasn't that the first bones brigade video? My cousin wrote dale & then I think he switched to jar. his brother wrote stash I believe.
  10. You get fame from bombing hard & having skills, not if you can rack or not. When people talk about writers like saber, ja or any other top writers I never hear them say "He racks paint every day" I hear them say "He gets up everywhere" or "He did the largest piece ever...shit was tight!" Get it?
  11. Yup. Graff at it's prime! I'm searchin to see what pics I have but someone should start a thread of 80's/90's L.A. graff.
  12. The guy that hung himself at motor, it wasn't the motor yard bum was it? Anyone remember him?
  13. y'all remember KTA Known To All?
  14. Great Fuckin Thread! I wish I had some shots to contribute. Ozie lowered down with a rope I believe but couldn't get back up so he had to jump. Kub hit the other side sometime later. Does anyone have pics of any heavens in L.A. that SER hit. Wasn't he the first to hit heavens?
  15. Yeah KRS...kings ruling society. I just saw a KRS tag on some construction sign on the woodman on-ramp to the 101.
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