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  1. graffiti is vandalism bucko. legal eagles get no kool-aid
  2. make up-save yourself internation noise conspiracy-survival sicknesscd Cd with a bunch of Universal order of armageddon astronautilus ming + FS-whatever the album is called
  3. at least someone is catching our stuff...i figured that train fell off the face of the earth.
  4. Dry Bones


    that's becauase OPEC made a mistake...not because any war[/b] please tell me you don't actually believe that... mistake, phht! Due to the events of 9/11, the war in the mid-east, and our continuously strengthening ties with Russia, we are being provided with alternate sources of oil. Russia is pumping oil 24/7 to cover our asses. In a direct military strategy, Russia has joined the U.S. so as to mitigate Opec's influence over mid-east events. So there...
  5. these are so amazing for the time they were done in but come on...Man Ray has much better stuff...didn't think people were interested in Dada anymore
  6. that nigga fr8o dont know shit about being happy. care-free is a chewing gum, it aint no lifestyle kneegro. and besides, you guys traveled all the way to richmond and didnt paint. that'd sour my puss.
  7. Oh save the dorkbreath assbutt. Did you happen to hear about the christian findamentalists groups in Maine that couldn't get their book burning permit in time to roast some wizard? south shmouth now keep our name out of your mouth. happy ramadan
  8. you guys have some ridiculous girlfriends... jesus...spice girls????..fuhgetaboutitttttttttt...she'd be out of the car in seconds...r&b???are you nuts????? only thing i have to stomach is: Mercury rev. some broadway cd and too many fucking ben folds five albums.
  9. cornelius...how the fuck can you listen to "american football" and locust at the same time. It's like going from non-stop pussy garbage to the fucking jam...nuts international noise conspiracy-survival sickness old time relijun-witchcraft rebellion clouddead NOU-13 point plan to destroy america Half japanese-that song "dream date" on repeat Melt banana MP3's breakstra and this cd with like 40 Spazz songs that's been it for the last few days
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