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Huh What !?

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  1. Funniest thread ever joke or not...if not then it makes that much more better
  2. hahaha ufo is awsome he has new york crushed.
  3. hahaha pulling niggas cards mad funnie
  4. come on now they screw up voteing!
  5. bump for ja and foe shit always makes me laugh when i see that flick. all time beef kings ja and foe xtc.
  6. i like this thread good pics and a little info it nice makes you feel all warm and shit.
  7. oh my that slayer is a nice piece of work love that style very good job.
  8. wow it kinda of amazes me to see how many people out there don't like that nyc bombing style. bump
  9. that oclock simple is out of hand.
  10. i like it not sure why but i like it something new and interesting.
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