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  1. no, i didn't know that they "aren't bad", thought they sucked. thanks for the heads up
  2. huh? are you saying this shit is good? i think its terrible, and funny.
  3. wow, that was a lot of worthless flicks, besides the kev and ckos. is there a UK crew out there?
  4. half of this ran for a long time, i always thought it was unfinished, half buffed i guess.
  5. if you haven't seen zombie letters you havent been paying attention. ever seen bubble letters, how bout blocks?
  6. anyone got a pic of that detr billboard in okc?
  7. i think the bite talk is directed to rime pnc, thats why the rime kcw shots got posted. pretty sure it has nothing to do with norte
  8. my single wide. im "fixin' to" come back. okc rocks.
  9. that last red norte piece is ill. i had more pics but my other camera failed me. that eksr elmo billboard was hot.
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