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Everything posted by don'temptme

  1. don'temptme

    Want an Ironic Nickname? I will give you one.

    SlowPost Onerockizm. Hide your children niggers....
  2. don'temptme

    Want an Ironic Nickname? I will give you one.

    bah...i might as well...hit me Key.
  3. don'temptme

    Your best links!

    styleis...could you explain the emule thing a bit.Yes,ive read all the faq's and "helpful hints" and i dont know if im doin something wrong or what the fuck is goin on....if you dont feel like gettin into it here...shoot me an email piece. Dontpaytaxes@aol.com
  4. don'temptme

    My day off from work so ima post some pictures

    whatup stinkbox! Where the hell you been hiding Bin Laden?? get at me dude.... Dontpaytaxes@aol.com nigger...
  5. don'temptme

    12oz aim chat

    be there or be square.
  6. don'temptme

    My day off from work so ima post some pictures

    .....Damn,thats cool that you caught that train. I havent seen it since the night it was done....scary shit.....
  7. don'temptme


    Got' DAMN! homey's shit got WRECKED. Period. Where the fuck these big mother fuckers breed at...so i can steer clear of those hoods.....jesus.
  8. don'temptme

    Fear of the Unknowns

    48. Isto
  9. don'temptme


    hah...thas funny. Click on it and the first shit you see is a Heven handsteez... hevens' so gangsta.
  10. don'temptme


    ....his latest album is pretty hot thoe.....
  11. don'temptme


    fuck who's who...its all about the movie. El Guapo was the fucking man...
  12. don'temptme

    Where you got your username/I hate the end pieces!

    .....self explanitory.
  13. don'temptme

    Bo Knows Baseball..

  14. http://www.photodump.com/viewer/Gucci/human.html'> Humanoid http://www.photodump.com/viewer/Gucci/lead.html'> Leadrok http://www.photodump.com/viewer/Gucci/mber.html'> M B http://www.photodump.com/viewer/Gucci/messinaround26.html'> Jbueism. http://www.photodump.com/viewer/Gucci/myth.html'> Anyone know if this is Myth TCI? thats it ...
  15. don'temptme


    Look at this nikka ISTO. What up duke..ben a while...
  16. don'temptme

    some wack trains outta my flick book..

    ...what up man. Ive just been chillin doin my thing. I dont really say too much on here..its gotten wack...but whats your AIM if you got one..
  17. don'temptme

    some wack trains outta my flick book..

    shit dick...http://www.photodump.com/direct/Gucci/human.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/Gucci/lead.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/Gucci/mber.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/Gucci/messinaround26.jpg'> http://www.photodump.com/direct/Gucci/myth.jpg'> i give up if this shit didnt work..
  18. don'temptme

    -DJ QBERT IN HONG KONG PICS- (plus dumplings!)

    Hmmm....no audio files we can listen to?? ...and Qbert's gay...he tried to get a man to fuck Shortkut on TTV4 ....
  19. don'temptme

    What are you listening to: updated '04

    D-Styles/Qbert/Babu- Felonious Funk (Phantazmagorea)
  20. don'temptme

    >>> Diary of a Digital Dork <<<

    HAHAA! What up thoe' on that Raze/Asher/OneSixtySeven from 99....whooohooo (sup negrows...)
  21. don'temptme

    i have a substance abuse problem

    what the flying hell is Simethicone????
  22. don'temptme

    youve just been juiced

    Big Isto...what up fool....See you still keepin it gully...holla at cha' cousin mane....
  23. don'temptme


    are you joking ???
  24. don'temptme

    Lite up those fireworks kids..

    wierd...what are the chances of you catchin 2 Rubek trains way out on the other coast...i know dude doesnt paint THAT much......
  25. don'temptme

    This is a Freakin' Ridiculous idea but........

    I've smoked many a hydro bowl staring at that damned piece of wood....whaduppp Mr. Robot.:D