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  1. You know its funny to just sit back and see this perfectly good thread that GOODBYE started be interrupted by Jet which i think i've seen that peace at least 5 or six time on 12oz in the past month. im not tring to start shit im just speakin the truth so is jet wants to take offence i really dont care... Well TIC~TOC keep doin wut you r doin and jet get a new flick please.
  2. how about an OREK~FNC that would be much aprecatied.:) :D
  3. Is That The KEM in 3A cuz i dont see alot of hands from him, but i do see alot of fr8's and walls up in boston... From the hands i have seen though that looks nothing like em...:dazed:
  4. Good shit man most of those girls were dope so even more props....
  5. FNC! Freakin Nasty Chicks FNCriminals FNCrakerz FNCrackheads Fake Narcaleptic Children.. FRONT ON THIS boston WUT!:king:
  6. BOSTON hands down....THE BEAN WHAT:king:
  7. Is that even espo it looks as if there is an extra letter. Pose should stop QUE is wacky and cave is nice.. other than that nothin special:dazed:
  8. The last time i was there the whole wall was diss by some toys who wrote SLAYER and stupid stuff like that. that wall is a joke any way it seems that every time someone puts somthing up jet always puts up over it.
  9. Its a shame that there are two ewoks the HM is so inventtive... Its kinda funny i know this kid that writes SET1 and he is the biggest ewok byter.
  10. The best thing todo in the winter is go out and bomb the shit out of every thing the cold is the best it wakes u up. cans normally don't work in cold weather by try or go out with madd shoe polish or MAKE STUFF thats the best homemade inks,markes, and MOPS!!!! so to answer your queston IDK...:D
  11. I like the styles very stright...:D
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