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  1. haha Like the breath emittin from your grill peice, its bullshit.....
  2. _org


    esel catchin streak.. Shit I cant find an image hosting site that doesnt Hose tha damn pic.. copy and paste to see the infamous esel at work.... Southpaw'n'shit http://www.geocities.com/westridaz82/lapic...cs/dumpster.jpg
  3. heh.. look out for the crisco...
  4. _org

    The Zes Post.

    damn You can see his style evolve in those series of pic's older-newer. Nice touch seems there in sequential order.:D
  5. mehhhhhhhhhh Aiight,aiight. Im all for cappin on a peice, dont get me wrong. But shit, ah throw up covers ah tag,peice covers ah throwup. Wouldve loved to see the fag Cap with style atleast, not out of the shear want/need for attention. Kid needs a ritilan perscription.
  6. bah damn geocities.... copy and paste the linkage. http://www.geocities.com/tpepper2004/la-57_x400.jpg
  7. That guys is a fag..... http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/3336/paint_my_face.html'>
  8. _org

    DEIS freights

  9. _org

    DEIS freights

    La's wild child. For more of the good ol boys check the site. Westridaz.com
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