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  1. Toy Roll-Call The East Bay is a nightmare. In the last year it has been completely littered with horrible tags. Just rotten! Maybe occasionally we get treated to a horrible hollow throw-up. I don't think any of the fools pictured or listed here have ever used more than one color. You rarely see anything other than crap tags in public view. Maybe if you scrounge around the yards you might see a horrible multi-color piece. And anybody notice how these suckers are changing crews every week? KUK today, TFG tomorrow, and on and on. I'm seriously hoping these toys do as most East Bay toys
  2. No. I don't ever wish I did anything else. I, and I'm sure EVERY graf writer over 25, has other interests and ambitions outside of graf. I have no regrets. Graf has given me adventures, memories, and an outlet of expression I would never second guess. Is there more to life than graf? Yes. Of course. Does writing enhance my life? It has and still does. When it doesn't, I'll stop. Simple. I love my life. You should love yours. If you don't, change it. Do your best and never be ashamed of being who you are. SImple.
  3. How To Become a Famous Artist Pick an object to paint - pick a style to paint it in - and paint this object in this style over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and maybe come up with another object, but make sure it isn't too different from the original object or else people won't know it is you and you'll have to start over. Seriously - what I wouldn't give for Dalek to draw that fuckin' monkey thing pointing to the right just for once - or maybe an Obey stencil featuring the
  4. My favorite pinball game Cyclone! OH hell yes. This is the classic pinball game with the spinning wheel in the center. And when you get multiball - the thunder sounds and a big fan blows on you! I wasted many, many hours and quaters my freshman year in college at the local laundromat playing that sucker!
  5. Bump for the best thread ever! Am I down with the ALL-CAPS crew, OH HELL YES!
  6. Another fantastic thread! I went to the minigolf and go-cart fun zone arcade and the games SUCK! They are all the sit and play and they all cost a buck and only last a bout a minute - even really good players only play for a few minutes. I miss the dark arcades of yesterday. Best games: Tempest is an awesome game. I first color vectorscop game I think. Centipede is still a great game. Are there any other ball-roller games besides Centipede and Marble Madness? Galaga - gotta get the double ship. The coctail table version is my favorite. Bank Panic was my favorite as a youngster. I
  7. I was gonna put the ignore all posts on EAST_BAY_G but this shit is just too classic to miss. Man, I would give almost anything to find out what you write. You gotta send me an email with your tag. What the hell happened to the East Bay. I gotta get out of here. Graffiti... "I love it so much I want it to die."
  8. It seems like it is the artist that makes the name - not the name that makes the artist - like with band names... Lots of great bands have really stupid names, but people think the name is great because the band is so good - like the Beatles - that is the dumbest name ever. Especially spelled like that. Soundgarden is another one. I love these bands, but when I think about the names I realize how stupid they are (the names, not the bands). So think about this when you list your favorite tags. Is Japan really a great name? A great artist, but the name is really arbitrary on that one. M
  9. An excellent thread idea... A rebuttal and rebellion against advertising is one of my main drives for doing graffiti. While this isn;t the only reason to write (and I respect writers who think not for one second about the correlation between tagging and advertising), I find advertisment defacement very rewarding. Advertising is NOT freedom of speech, because only the rich can advertise. Did you know that a group of people created an anti-Mcdonald's ad, but no networks would allow them to buy ad time on their stations because McDonald's threatened to take away their ads (and the many dolla
  10. Probably shouldn't waste my time with you... Why is skating gay? Because it is popular. Because guys sometimes skate with no shirt. The only thing gay about skating is the gay twist - and that isn't gay at all.
  11. That reminds me... I was travelling this past month to this city in this country and I saw some graffiti by this guy (or maybe it's a girl) who writes this word and it really blew me away. You know the one I'm talking about. The place with the wall and the thing with the thing on it. It was really cool. The person wrote for this crew that uses an acronym that is three letters, one of which is a vowel.
  12. The one on the right is much, much better. Way cleaner, much more advanced and though-out use of a color palate. No contest.
  13. This no sound like fortune cookie First: I love the Indiano Jones trilogy - and own the videos Second: The Temple of Doom is one of the most racist movies ever made that isn't about racism. For years I though that India was all about eating live snakes and monkey brains, human sacrifices, and Thugee cults. The racial stereotypes of Indian culture presented in Temple of Doom have totally settled into mainstream America. Man, I was afraid to eat lentils and other INdain food for years after watching this movie. Not to mention Short Round. Jeez. We also get to thank Temple of Doom fo
  14. I swear to god I know this ghetto kid who hangs out where I work who east dill pickles dipped in kool-aid mix. No lie.
  15. Holy Muthafuckin schidt I just got to witness a press screening of the Dogtown Documentary - goddamn that was AWESOME! Makes me very proud to be a skater for life. Jay Adams was the shit! And all that super8 footage is unbelievable. Super props to Vans for financing the film, Stacy Peralta for directing it they way it should be directed and edited... raw! Props to Sony for giving the world a chance to see this film, props to Sundance for recognizing this as the documentary of the year (definite academy award) - and prop to Sean Penn for narrating it and not getting paid. I seriously re
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