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  1. im pretty sure a 2$ whore will beat the livign shit out of you..would even be seen with one ..but whatever floats your boat.. kOmega eating rolos liek virgins..
  2. dotn relly see sites that have wak layouts.. especially a popup.. photos are way too dark..didnt catch my eye..thats my 2 cents.. kOmega molesting burds..
  3. too long too read eyes get lazy.. kOmega hung like a hOrse.
  4. nO nO nO nO...come on SIEL..never strangers.. good friend of mine..high schoOl buddies.. on and off..pfffft.. kOmega shoe lace pimpin..
  5. no doubt ..i know the feeling..that shit feels tingly though not as bad as you got it..mine was coo.. but take a chill pill.. kOmega raping goats..
  6. pReaCher


    the moniter is for display ..should slap the computer.. is what your trying to say..fawk im way too bOre..no pun intended.. kOmega needs some Z's...zZZzZZzz
  7. boOndock saints.. pie.."wit the sign" 20 bucks..<< gotta see it.. sling blade.. train spotting..
  8. i feel yah beardo on this one..same shit happend to me when i stole that broom..and trid to fly with it..but shit didnt work man..but yah rock out with your cock out.. kOmega caderact assasin..
  9. i need magnums cause bitch i got donkey..mac.dre.. naw it was breathing i would take one off for about 20 min ever 30 min for a BJ..it was juss a hard fuck.. kOmega bouncing lights..
  10. juss found a bomb site wit all kinds of ring tones for your nOke's http://www.ringtones4all.com/ if i had a nokia i would get cosmic gate-exploration of space...
  11. naw..not herps..i was wrapped hard..not the first time to happend..juss saying if you guys ever experienced it.. kOmega wrapped like a mummy..
  12. you really need to smOke a blunt kid.. taking shit too serious.. kOmega kills ants..
  13. she smelled like craberries..and beer..after a while it just smelled like sex..i need sleep.zZZzzzZZzz kOmega smOking tree's
  14. kids get shot in thw woods dunny.. kOmega stealing broOms wha!
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