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  1. enueone

    photoshop geek sessions

    http://www.elimin8.net/enue_green.jpg'> anyone fuck around with photoshop shit at all?..post em if you do.. sometimes when i'm bored i'll color in a sketch..it's alot faster, and cheaper than markers...and it's super easy to fuck with different color schemes once you got your main one set...
  2. enueone

    The wierd guy status.

    i knew a dirty hippy guy who had sex with a dirty hippy girl at the bonaroo festival...in a port-o-potty... i thought he was a weird guy...
  3. enueone

    whos this bran charecter

    it sez fuk da police
  4. enueone

    whos this bran charecter

    yeah..this thread ain't really needed.. heads do leave their area and get up.. http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/E02p2_bran.jpg'>
  5. enueone

    photoshop question

    do it in illustrator if it's for a shirt.. if the edges ripple out and get pixelated..it won't look the same as when it's screened...
  6. salvadore dali max bill and chris farley..cuz that cat could eat...
  7. enueone

    Sento - TFP

    http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/sento.jpg'> after i got this flick back..i noticed the puddle..shit made me laugh when i realized why that tongue is hangin outta his E
  8. enueone

    what's YOUR favorite superhero?

    word...cuz he'd beat your ass and crack corny jokes at the same time... he wasn't as gay looking as superman.. and wasn't a rich guy with a little boy friend like batman.. wolverine was sick as fuck tho...and venom is the dope villian...
  9. enueone

    tag style font........

    the amount of work that goes into making a good typeface is pretty rediculous.. graffiti "fonts" will never look like graffiti because letters need to interact with each other in a certian way that a computer can't duplicate.. to do a proper graffiti font, the kerning table alone would be some sick shit
  10. enueone

    Hahaha!: Cubans try to sail to Florida-in a '59 Buick

    i want some of that green that they used to paint the boat whip tho...looks kinda close to jungle..
  11. enueone


    a couple off tagpage http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images2/3-28-00_argue.jpg'> http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images2/6-14-00_guess.jpg'> http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images/3-14-99_guess.jpg'> http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images7/5-14-01_coe.jpg'> and one of my own... http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/VyxyE_guesswise.jpg'> i used to work with this kid who told me stories about how RFC heads would roll down to stuyvesant and rob rich kids for north faces back in the day...shit was kinda funny...
  12. enueone


    mr hand was a martian mr hand was also gay
  13. enueone


    yeah but you gotta say that shit mad haaaawwwwrrrdddd...like "moooaaaarrrrkk" otherwise...you sound like zack morris...
  14. enueone


    word..we're all lazy with the flicks..haha..and i dunno..it seems like if a thread don't got JA in the title heads ain't tryin to check for it...
  15. enueone


    word i caught one out in queens a couple weeks ago but it might have been running for a while http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/U4MWm_teo.jpg'> someone should start an RFC thread...those cats had manhattan pretty sewn up
  16. enueone


    word up..fat o'shea!
  17. enueone

    Comedy Centrals Graffiti Format

    yeah..i dunno...one of my friends is the new bassist in that band and he told the other doods in it about my company...they were on some "we want some graffiti" shit and i guess he knew i wrote...i ended up letting my partner do the project and he gave them something else which was not graf but they were still happy... i still never listened to their stuff...does it sound like the new raekwon album?
  18. enueone

    graffiti songs

    promoe from looptroop talks about bombing in alot of his songs...he got one about gettin bagged and paying mad fines too..heh
  19. enueone


    drove by the chocolate store wall on inman ave the other night and just remember trippin off it...spaceships man.. then i was takin a leak at that exxon in jc and saw you hit the mirror up with etch... jersey misses you kid...
  20. enueone


    http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/s6Hog_spon.jpg'> spon on a train in milan - 1994 off sixcentz.com http://www.sixcentz.com/photos1/spon_cide.jpg'> http://www.sixcentz.com/photos1/spon2.jpg'> i know i had a couple of his garbage trucks in my shoeboxes...i gotta find em..i do remember a silver/true blue straight letter..caught it rolling somewhere in lower manhattan back in the day
  21. enueone

    Comedy Centrals Graffiti Format

    also..nike had dalek do his space monkey's for a presto campaign...and back in 95 they had Jav FC do a campaign with FC style lettering and some pretty dope characters as a graphic designer, alot of clients actually do request that "graffiti" style...usually those clients are the ones i try to steer in another direction... i've used my handstyle on certian things where it wasn't requested like http://www.pmdhitsquad.com and i got some tags runnin on the garbage pail kids site ( http://www.garbagepailkidsworld.com ) but when that band taking back sunday came at me like "we want a tag for a logo" i dissed it..i hate projects like that because i don't feel like i've put in enough work in graf to get money outta it... but if reas and them wanna rock that style and get that money then they deserve it... lol..i still got like moral issues and shit..haha
  22. enueone

    Comedy Centrals Graffiti Format

    i'm pretty sure all of the new comedy central stuff is being done by funny garbage...a design agency started by reas and a couple others..i know reas worked on the crank yankers show designing puppets and stuff...i think graphic havoc was doing some of the comedy central stuff too, which also has some graf writers doing the design work... the nike campaign was done by a company in philly called eneone...hmmm..supposedly these cats are claiming a graf backround as well but while i was living in philly i had never seen anything done by anyone named "ene" ..their illustration work is sick but everytime i think of the name i laugh.. :D ..just because i've had other experiences in philly with people borrowing my shit...
  23. enueone

    Cheapest Airfares Online?

    i like jet blue...
  24. enueone


    http://www.tagpage.com/tag_page/images2/5-24-00_chaseo_spon.jpg'> just that tag off tagepage... he had garbage trucks pretty hit up if i remember correctly...harlem cat right?
  25. enueone


    word..twk pics are hard to come by.. kaws and tdee pushed it for a while before DF poses from paterson was raw... shark aloe and pae were dope... aloe had rt 3 on lock by the meadowlands for a while.. some shark stuff off 5050skateboarding.com http://www.5050skateboarding.com/v4/beyond/writers/shark/1.jpg'> http://www.5050skateboarding.com/v4/beyond/writers/shark/2.jpg'> http://www.5050skateboarding.com/v4/beyond/writers/shark/3.jpg'> http://www.5050skateboarding.com/v4/beyond/writers/shark/4.jpg'> http://www.5050skateboarding.com/v4/beyond/writers/shark/5.jpg'> http://www.5050skateboarding.com/v4/beyond/writers/doors/16.jpg'>