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  1. i thought "sine" was pretty original
  2. i think its called "RAINBOW" glass cleaner...for industrial use
  3. oh yea...my dad gets that glass cleaner in bulk for work....and when the cans are empty i pull the caps off...i love em.
  4. i see no purpose in violence... you make someone else just as mad every time you paint on their building. Very true, people need to show respect for other's work. The reason toys cross out other writers is because thats what they see on tv, or thats their primitive inclination...but if you were to start getting up NEXT to them instead of over them, they'd probably start doing the same.
  5. yea i hear dolphins can get sexually stimulated by humans sometimes...i saw a video once of this dolphin trying to fuck this lady in the water...
  6. i thought you were really gonna have some good stuff for me
  7. sound


    the best characters are probably simple ones...people recognize them, and it becomes your tademark....look at Jaber and Dalek
  8. i sometimes write "sandblasting damages concrete"
  9. i put stuff like the fundamental equation of calculus... "crisis precipitates change"..."social decay".... "this is public space" ...not always necessarily witty, but intelligent...and those get buffed way before any tags... (?)
  10. i noticed his spelling also
  11. i always pay attention to those little sentences. i saw one that was painted in the winter and had a sentence that said "boy it's cold out here!"
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