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  1. that makes me feel not as bad about passing out on the lawn at campus on my way home and having some old professor wake me up on his way into work.
  2. when i got mine out, i had all four done at the same time. i got the full treatment: IV, gas and painkillers afterward. The strangest thing was all the delierium associated with going under. I woke up in the the middle of the operation and started talking to the doctor and asking him questions -- he got all pissed off and started yelling at me and the nurses. the funny thing is that they were operating inside my mouth and my words were incomprehensible. i don't even remember what I said.
  3. while visiting my friend in the middle of nowhere, upstate NY, we got pretty loaded at the bar. after leavong the bar, we see a BMX bike on the ground. My friend suggests that I grab it and go for a ride. So I go and I notice people chasing me and I just go faster, making turns and eluding everyone, including myself. When I start to sober up, I see that I have no idea where I am. I was on a country road and there were cornfields all around. I had to call my friends on the cell phone and they had to get the cops to help find me. The stupid hillbilly cops thought it was funny and I got a ride back to my hotel. I didn't even gett in trouble for stealing the bike.
  4. you can order (buy) the tapes from PBS if you can't find anyone who taped it.
  5. Axis: Bold As Love, is a truely fantastic song. It is best listened to with a good set of headphones, there are these crazy noises and Jimi played with the balance so it sounds like jet planes are flying through your head, check it out. Jimi's best work, in my opinion came from the period after he left the experience and tried to get back to his roots, i.e. black audiences. This is when he joined with Billy Cox on bass and Buddy miles on drums (and sometimes vocals) and formed the "Band of Gypsies." The only album this band released is called "Band of Gypsies" and it is a live recordin of a couple of nights of concerts in Harlem. Recently they have re-released this album with about twice as many songs. So, my favorite Hendrix songs come from this album / period and they are the anti- Vietnam war anthem "Machine Gun," and the generally "feel good" song "Who Knows."
  6. I had this one in there forever. Right now I had to revert to my old favorite "Catch a Fire" by uncle Nes.
  7. Where was that show? I was at both the Albany and Binghamton NY shows, but they might have been a few days later like the 16th or something. they were both memorable shows, I would like to hear either of them get released. They did a "Beavis and Buthead Jam" that was hilarious at Albany...
  8. "Big Sur" by Jack Kerouac. Its a very "stream of consciousness" style of writing. You have these paragraphs which are one sentence long, often spanning two to three pages. The good thing about this is the immeadiacy and connection you feel to the situations.
  9. The Outlaw Josie Wells Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood is the man!
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