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  1. drums. geetar. drum machine>? heh heh. tuba. used too anyways... ------------------ "PFGK"
  2. i likes flo-pens. anyone else lyke flo-pens? im tyred. and hella stoned. shit ...@R@$444444 heuhehehehhehehheh ------------------ "PFGK"
  3. m4kronna or whatever he/ she is wierd and annoying actually hed probably just post some picture of a ugly ass punk chick. and scare the rest of us away... :0~ ------------------ "PFGK"
  4. -SIN-


    does anyone here like boards of canada? ------------------ "PFGK"
  5. no she isnt. ? :0~ ------------------ "PFGK"
  6. just a question, but did you get her number or anything??? ------------------ "PFGK"
  7. she/he... urgh. ------------------ "PFGK"
  8. my favourite is fire. i just love those drum riffs. hell yeh. *listening*... :0~ ------------------ "PFGK"
  9. man.. just cos you call something gay dont mean yuor a homophobic ------------------ "PFGK"
  10. ok, for some of the best graffiti fonts go to http://www.dutchdamage.com look for 'downloads' on the right hand side of the page then scroll down to pc fonts. to extract zip you have to have winzip. when downloading the file click on the box that says 'close this box when complete' sp it stays open. then click i agree on the winzip thing, click extract then install the fonts in CWindowsfonts or whatever. very nice pictures seeking... :0~ ------------------ "PFGK"
  11. i dont get it... am i just some sort of retard? ------------------ "PFGK"
  12. damn you women, with your intelligent brains and cunning traps!! :0~ ------------------ "PFGK"
  13. welcome to the forum. :0~ ------------------ "PFGK"
  14. -SIN-

    i love you all

    ive got buena vista social club. any one heard beloop? ------------------ "PFGK"
  15. oh my god, ive always wanted to drive a bus! american buses are so cool.they have air conditioning and a bike rack on the front.at least in reno they do... i got to drive a tractor once... i dont know what you call that in america. ------------------ "PFGK"
  16. well arent they? There is a load of people in the world that need a good slapping. ------------------ "PFGK"
  17. -SIN-

    top hiphop single

    J5 The lecture :o~ ------------------ "PFGK"
  18. this may sound dumb but have you told her all the things you put in that post? she may feel very strongly about you too, its just she dosent think you do or something. anyhow, you need to tell her either way if shes that important in your life. peace and good luck. ------------------ "PFGK"
  19. -SIN-


    stoner/ skater/ artiste ------------------ "PFGK"
  20. -SIN-

    hiphop =graff

    i like hip hop. and reggae. and motown. and rap. and electronica. and drum and base. you cant make generlisations. ------------------ "PFGK"
  21. -SIN-


    hi. doin homework? naaaaaah! im still on holiday. :p ------------------ "PFGK"
  22. thanx. wot do you meen drop me off ------------------ "PFGK"
  23. ive got a bunch of good flix to post, but i dont know how to put them in the message. ------------------ "PFGK"
  24. :cool http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//redface.gif'>k, this is some hot shit: http://www.dutchdamage.com go to walls, foriegn and just look. ------------------ "PFGK" [This message has been edited by -SIN- (edited 09-03-2001).]
  25. heh... http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//redface.gif'>~ ------------------ "PFGK"
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