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  1. okay, but when you were there you already problems beyond any small shit. remember? well you know if that was the case with 12 oz. they would of done the same shit and banned you as well... now im not talking shit on no one not even the board i've come here for about a year, i never post i just look at the flicks, so blah whatevers...
  2. :lol: that kid was probably you. ha what a loser.
  3. this is sad, and you say pg is childish, yet look a senseless thread is still going. and whats the point of your idiotic comments? what do you get ot of this, increase your post? ha how lame can you kids get. i checked out pg earlier in the day and what do i see, some one from here bombing their message board. how different are you from them? and you dont even know if it was pg kids bombing it here... your the kids who make this look bad. die.:D
  4. yea i think PG is better. this site is lame as fukk. a whole bunch of kids, who follow the leader. if 2 people say something is wakk, then the whole mudafukkin' board says its wak. how about you guys get your OWN opinion, too many fakes here. PG you can set your pictures up easier. oh one lasT thing FUKK 12OZ. FUKKEN' FAKES boring as fukk too... :crazy: :mexican: AND I HATE THIS SMILEY. ITS SO STEREOTIPICAL... :mad: sev71 :lol:
  5. i like most of them especially that jenny one. good post.
  6. pretty decent. i like it.:D
  7. pure madizm


    i have no idea wwhat you are talking about...:confused: :confused: :o :confused: :confused:
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