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  1. man i can't believe this is still running.. i think it's been a year or so since ive been on last joker... it's good to see youre still giving good advice to everyone well im a middle school PE teacher now so we'll see how the cross season is going to go... i hope i'll be able to get all my training in... keep riding hard
  2. damn i can't believe this is still up... i think it's been a year since ive been on here.. joker good to see youre still giving quality advice... im a middle school PE teacher now so we'll see how the cross season is going to go... I hope to be able to get all my training in... hope all is well with the rest of the cutters... keep riding hard
  3. don't you all worry im still around... cross has been going pretty well for me... im riding for FORT-GPOA out of PA this cross season... now that im no longer Under 23 it's been a hell of a fight at races. I have gotten a handful of UCI points so i'll be able to have an okay start at nationals. Been a bit frustrated with mechanicals though.. i have one a race for the last 5 races.. it has sucked... hope all the cutters are doing well ride hard cinn
  4. well i guess i have to reply. ive done about 12 races so far since the beginning of march. Most of it being collegiate racing. Ive had a few top ten finishes 6th being my best finish so far this year. But the collegiate season is over and it's time to race with the new team... Team Snow Valley. My bike is suppose to be ready in the next few weeks. pictures will be posted as soon as i get those. it's going to be along summer.. on and my girlfriend is moving in with me for the summer so that should be intressed... She's going to get a lot of "not tonight i have to ride in the morning"
  5. sorry about the bike. sneak joker.... good stuff im drunk for some holiday... last time for a while..
  6. it's been a long while... life for me is good, ive been getting in all my training (little more then 50 hours for feb.) My first race of the season is on sat. 15 mile TT. should hurt like hell but that's why we ride. riding with Team Snowvalley is great. the U23 team has met up twice for training rides... This summer should be a lot of fun. I'll keep everyone posted and hope all is well for everyone else out there awww what a sweet message.. remember... we fuck as hard as we ride
  7. no i was in northing va well it's tappering time... and i just checked the weather report and what a surprise... it's raining in portland... i cant wait for it to be on the east side next year.. thanks for the support.. i'll give a race report sat. night.. i leave tomorrow at 3
  8. http://profiles.myspace.com/users/334153 just a cyclist
  9. joker i race sat. and sunday 3 pm.. pops races friday i don' t know what time
  10. got my ticket to NATIONALS.... joker is your number the same from the last time i went there? 3pm on sat. the 10th.... i can't wait
  11. of course bro... i got one of my finals moved around so now i can go im fing stoked... im sitting like 8th right now in the U23 nationals im trying to get on that world selection team... I'm heading back up to MASS this weekend for 2 more UCI races.. it's going to be COLD.. Originalarea you going to be at the races? joker unless you want to buy a new bike and travel all over the place racing don't give cross a try you'll be as addicted as i am... im trying the reverse psychology shit i got my VO2 make done today... shit was wicked hard.. i had to do it on the treammill b/c they
  12. joker youre crazy man,, im racing a full cross season and i'm doing 8 to 10 hours a week. but then again a lot is recovery fromt he races or very hard intervals then rest for the race the next weekend
  13. man i wish i could train with Matt during the week... and im sure jess anthony is there too. that's what i hate about being the ONLY serious cross rider in richmond i have no one to train with. makes a big difference over the course of a season. anyway raced against all those boy over the weekend and got whooped up on... finished 25th and 26th. 4 and 5th in the U23's not great races but not bad races... my good will come
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