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  1. i write and draw with my left ,but paint with my right,basically i write with my left ,but do everything as a right handed person would,like throwing and catching ,etc,weird huh? i think they call it ambedextrious,i dont even know if thats how you spell it ,but thats how it sounded so there...leftys rule
  2. that surge character is tight ,but the face(mainly the eyes)look like GIANTS style...and this post isnt as bad as yall say it is...
  3. all that shit be on hit!
  4. AEST and WORM are skilled out ...nice
  5. nice post ,but that SECTR was off the hook,playboy!
  6. nice fr8 post, makes me want to go paint ,too bad im at work.
  7. very nice ,im relieved to not see any bitch ass IVO in there somewhere ,yall would make his shit look like 3rd grade stuff!!!ouch
  8. all that shit is hella tight ,but that EMIT and JHER is off the fuckin heezey...love the colors too !
  9. the reason im saying all this is cause im not hating ,but if i did that (being small time ) fools would tear me a new asshole if i posted pics of my shit and didnt cover it all ,if your gonna dodge the bar ,youd be better off painting your piece above the bar. dont worry as soon as i figure how to post ill put some of my pics up...fat caps and big bootie bitches for all!!!
  10. dont say fuck the bar when you paint your supposed to hit it all ,dont be skered,plus it makes it all the more challenging and fun! i love this game!
  11. you aint kidding about that mone ,is he blind or just intimidated by that bar ,anyways im the LoneStar "MONE",i know i have more style than that ,i be killin them fr8s too no dis intended ,but theres another "MONE" out here in texas so make way...playa!
  12. nice fuckin post...rei is dope ,envy is da shit,elk is good too!!!
  13. JOLT kills nuff'said!!! ------------------
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