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  1. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/3745/PIC0018.jpg'> both unknown trains i caught last week me and my boy got stopped by the union pacific police while i was takin flixs.He was pretty cool but serious,he said every time kids paint on trains like these the overspray goes inside and fucks up the cargo, mostly cars. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/3745/PIC0019-1.jpg'>
  2. http://www.thespot.org/pages/freightlife/clok.jpg'> http://www.thespot.org/pages/freightlife/katch.jpg'> http://www.thespot.org/pages/freightlife/metroe-03.jpg'> http://www.thespot.org/pages/freightlife/omni.jpg'> http://www.thespot.org/pages/freightlife/twist-04.jpg'> http://www.thespot.org/pages/freightlife/worm-02.jpg'> http://www.thespot.org/pages/freightlife/nace-04.jpg'> r.i.p. TO BIG NACE
  3. great FR8s RIP king naceo... BEVIS are you BY chance from A.Z. I know a pier that writes tb..
  4. Ewok HM has the best letters in the game BOTTOM LINE. Im pretty sure the second is DSC
  5. I think Youre goin a little to far suburbian.........^^^
  6. both of those katches are good,they have original styles,but that atak looks ewokish.[Hm of course]
  7. i'm right with you nise.I feel the same way about callin people up tellin them to watch that shit!
  8. alright i'dont wanna be one to jock on other graff writers,but that ewok is the sickest shit i've seen in a minute. R.I.P. to big naceo probaly his best and last piece.
  9. http://www.atlantascene.8m.com/graffiti/b_abuse1.jpg'> so fresh so clean!
  10. http://www.atlantascene.8m.com/graffiti/t_abuse2.jpg'>
  11. http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/7296/abuse3.jpg'> [This message has been edited by flixs Posta (edited 08-13-2001).]
  12. http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/7296/abuse1.jpg'> I dont know whatever happened to abuse but he was always on some ill styles.
  13. http://artcrimes.com/stlouis/freights/images/abu_01.jpg'> abuse minneapolis [This message has been edited by flixs Posta (edited 08-13-2001).]
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