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    Jeka TVC TM

    One of the best ever..a great friend too...Jeka rules!
  2. by the way scar is on the right panel of that acuse freight... and everybody on here talking shit about stuff that doesnt even matter go out and do something and get off the fucking computer..i mean you people are on this fucking website 3 or 4 times a day..people don't give a fuck what your opinion is. you think writers care what you fucking herbs think about something? go out and get some shit done instead becoming art critics,,go critique your own work...
  3. thats great..some crap right over a collosus of roads streak
  4. note: that is not Wisk it is KOTAH...
  5. dope KOTAH>>> nolcalfr8..which cats are you referring too!!
  6. bump for senor pako....that coupe looks pretty ill also...
  7. those dudes are cool..nice bus Big Whigs
  8. theblackestwhiteguy: hey if your interested in trading..email me.. motionsikkness@yahoo.com.....peace
  9. JBUE stamped w/ weird skull next to it TOPIZM(topa)/RIME(on door) railbox TSA piece 98 on railbox caught down south
  10. third from bottom is probably the worst Revok bite i have ever seen.... verbatim

    spotted 41

    Acuse(2x of same car)...was that on a southern??probably with kotah and mesko..flick it?...
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