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  1. whats the smartest thing to ever come out of a womens mouth? einstiens cock
  2. 12345

    Nueva York

    yo GREEDY MARS shut it up and stop trying to blow spots. its graff let it be.
  3. 12345

    Nueva York

    bump for the moster, its a boston thing and for rate aroe and sofa. liking that black sacer
  4. yo unk star post that "bopped" thing if it dont cause no problems dude. thanks for all this it makes a kid feel nice
  5. first off that aint bud stuuuppidd. second that blue mfel tag is fucking hideous. bump for the kid sirius and enok and all the unkool kids Oh by the way ZOOM 138unk ROCKS
  6. That is GUESS(GU) with JA, not GK that SCAEO is balls bump for ALERT and SOFA
  7. GHOST??? that kids font is known and copied in every city in this world that has graffiti. u need to step back, besides the fact that he pushed it harder than almost anyone in NYC history. Just because other people played out his style does not me it was wack.
  8. 12345


  9. not for nothing but the pieces suck. BOSTONBOSTONBOSTON UNKUNKUNKUNKKUNK
  10. First of all i cant believe that you are comparing two cities and you havent even fucking been to one of them!
  11. i saw him last night on halloween in boston with ICE-T. it was wicked tight. i agree that he dosnt have much production in his show but it was fresh to see him and ICE-T in one show bringing it raw.
  12. bump for that FRESH, KAWS and VOICE. by the way that 323 tag in the first pic is the alias of one the most notorious train and rooftop bombers in NYC, just some info.
  13. universityofnoknowlege uneverknew
  14. HIPS dont even sweat that. kid hes talking junk about all boston writers just trying to start beef.
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