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  1. im always on a roll and beef is apart of graffiti i think its the best part of writeing cuz it keeps you on your p's and q's and as for me posting it its called MOTIVATION and if you think people going over eachother is a eyesore then this graff shit is just not for you....




  2. I don't know who Tewn is or where (presumably) he came from, but I like his style.

    Bombing TE in Milwaukee is probably not the best idea in light of Teach, but between a couple of Tn bombs, a decent hand, and straight pieces, props to dude.


    More people should hit the street without insisting every spot done be flicked and within minutes posted on here.


    Also, to those who post pictures of new street shit, if there's something decent and you don't flick it in an effort to bring your boys to the forefront while ignoring the rest, give me a break. That's not to hate on someone like horsecock who consistently posts pictures of just people he's cool with, but to the new kids: give credit where credit's due.




    ......sounds like someones misusing the internet at the precinct.

  3. has anyone seen the ATC13 on the southside?....werent they a graff crew?..they gangbangin now? repping 13?



    thnk god they stopped or got stopped, whatever the reason. Where my clik at... oh yah.. everywhere!

  4. gay little graf jam? what the fuck is so "gay" about some of the best writers in the city as well as from out of town all painting together?



    will it really be the best writers in the midwest, or jus some of your favorites, lets be real.

  5. :lol: can cops get in Cream City, blahhhhhh, lemme know asap, blahhhh. are u worried about the little gay graf jam they are going to have up there?


    go to the library & study your right & state laws! or ask officer friendly.

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