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  1. maskoner


    yeah, that shit is nastee. on the serious tip. magic eight ball: outlook not so good.
  2. yeah, red? as you should be. i agree TW2 is lame. you cant replace the classic performances by the principal, the coach, and styles... not too mention BOOF! the fat kid and the dad were just trying to hit it big on the sequel. MJF4LIFE.
  3. maskoner


    1. you better bring me some cream cheese. 2. cme, stick NB2 up your ass. that shit aint going nowhere.
  4. maskoner


    damn d, are you emo? i know you have been listening to modest mouse, but this heartbreak shit has to stop.
  5. bump for prime... BY crew killer.
  6. "go consume you american piece of shit."
  7. uh, yeah, its from TEEN WOLF. thats the point.
  8. 3 rules in life i live by: 1. never get less tahn 12 hours sleep. 2. never play cards with a guy who has the same first name as a city 3. never go anywhere near a lady witha tattoo of a dagger on her body you stick with that and the rest is cream cheese. FUCK YEAH! thanks man.
  9. bump for the drum circle mambo king.
  10. maskoner

    Teen Club

    bump for that NWR freight because it has the cutest members...
  11. mess around on their bed... haha, i hope you read this fucker...
  12. bump for the usual suspects: aves, arsn, and speko
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