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  1. HAHAHA!!! so good.. this dude does nothing remotely weak, ever.
  2. hey badboyboogie... where you at? e-mail me dun. _________@hotmail.com edit: dont e-mail me (anyone), my account was just closed for reasons........
  3. ALRIGHT HERE!!! good golly johooviners thats fresh.
  4. hahaha, fuck!! so many haters. I guess it must feel good to hate. I vote for HER. word!
  5. HOLY FUCKERSNITZELS!!! first and last ones on the first post are dope as hell and highwater. MEGATONNE props.
  6. Isn't strong island the place where the critters carry fritters? dope.
  7. I would have never thought of using that blue as an inline with that kem color scheme.. but I guess thats why he's famous and Im not. good post!
  8. Psoup is officially the best name Ive ever seen!! nice post.
  9. fr8oholic: I agree with you. I still dont like heat that could have been avoided.
  10. if that spot is heated, that sucks. When I was taking the flicks... the only thing around was a crazy hick shooting a rifle at a groundhog. Its really frustrating when shit gets blown like that.
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