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  1. Fuck i wanna board a train with a nakey chick on it
  2. Holy mother of god jesus christ holy crap
  3. In another thread there was some stuff about a guy painting with his girl i thought i would start a thread about girls who rock http://www.oneeightthree.com/html/profiles/images/thumbs/sm_lotus_profile.jpg'> Lotus in milan http://www.oneeightthree.com/html/profiles/images/thumbs/sm_tash_profile.jpg'> Tash http://www.artcrimes.com/tash/tash5c.gif'> Tash again http://www.oneeightthree.com/images/womenthatrock/julyitaly.gif'> http://www.oneeightthree.com/images/womenthatrock/julytshkas.gif'> Tash again Check out tashs site at http://www.oneeightthree.com/ Follow the links to the "women that rock" page Ps im male but i think graf needs more chicks to represent Until next time peace from down under
  4. Fatty


    Nice post i like the first one
  5. #1: Those PJ throws are totally amazing!!! #2: That Keno panel is so fresh with the smashed up front that photo is amazing and is prolly worth a fortune now!
  6. Oh nyc oh nyc those yards send a chill down my spine Beautiful stuff
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