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  1. TASQ

    DEIS freights

    The CBS symbol for the dot of the "I" is fucking slick, that and the 3rd piece. Nice shit.
  2. TASQ


    Nice post. That stairwell with teh lone bottle is something else.
  3. http://bumcyouth.org/images/games%20night%20pics/feb14$34.jpg'> I can't stop laughing at this picture. I wanna know what's captivated these kids enough to recieve, not one, but TWO thumbs up.
  4. Everyone in Over-alls I like piece with teh kid getting chased in front.
  5. Nice flicks. As for the Back to the Future quote....classic.
  6. Shoot, that lil' photopoint guy can support that big camera on only one leg, that's talent. Freak show level talent. Flicks didn't take, photpoint isn't doing that stuff anymore.
  7. I like the Skim and the Farm. That one character looks slick to bad it got the buff right in the middle.
  8. Another really good artists of about the same time period, was Bertram Booker. He was Canadian, and I think he was down with the group of seven. His stuff has similar abstract qualities, but the shapes and flow of it tie into some aspects of graf. I'll try and post some flicks if ya'll want.
  9. The Big Lebowski is such good movie
  10. OTTAWA!!! Nice stuff Cabin, I love your style. Anode too. That guys got so much fresh stuff
  11. That Jeers is fresh, and I like the tracks across the top of the Strut piece.
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