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  1. EasternAerosolArchive. I apologize upfront for not color correcting any of these, and overall poor photography. cuse, we miss you brother isor, ekai esin
  2. You know it old friend, if there's any you think i might have from that era let me know. There is no way your gonna get me to do that to every photo i have, but if something sticks out in your head.
  3. "Yo bump my thread!" Sorry for the bad photos of photos i really lack digital documentation of your stuff, but you should get a kick out of some of this.
  4. Oni


    That Yesca throw is tight, nice A character.
  5. Oni


    They've got a ridiculous amount of things all over here I just don't want to flood this topic with the same kinda photos but I keep taking more so I will post in a few day probably. Y.L.
  6. Oni


    Some good old fashion tag bangin! TokyOni.Y.L. photos with more substance later
  7. I didn't want to be the one to say it!
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