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  1. Do you have any old slej freights? I know he did a lot of freights in the early 90s.
  2. StemIgwt


    Whoa, that ono/pen/det combo is soo sick! Hot post!
  3. i remember reading an interview with him in an old issue of can control...
  4. Did that production ever get finished? I was in LA about a year ago and came accross that wall, but it was unfinished. You can see the start of a mear piece in the upper right. If anyone has pictures of the finished production, post it please!
  5. the hottest post on the bench!! Biter, Vault, Grey, Mewz, Pier, Remio... and it doesnt stop!
  6. i'd like to get a copy of the heat piece. i'll try and contact you over AIM.
  7. cycle smith tags kero/kiaz worm/vegan/pause/meeka broke erupto island sluts wholecar, no flix pays/emer
  8. those are some nice pictures. Anyone have more flix for the Nitty Gritty show?
  9. http://utahgraffiti.com/new/mpowr3.jpg'> http://utahgraffiti.com/new/jib6.jpg'> http://utahgraffiti.com/new/cameo3.jpg'> http://utahgraffiti.com/new/kaput.jpg'> anyone have a flick of the heat piece? Mine didnt come out. http://utahgraffiti.com/new/setup_mq_seo.jpg'> http://utahgraffiti.com/new/mutual.jpg'>
  10. He write Pars. I know he has a website, but i cant remember the address.
  11. That roller piece with the bullet going through it is soooo dope! That black and white thing with all the faces is nice, too!
  12. http://gizmo.jumex.org/~superfly/pics/wake2-graf.jpg'> i love this photo! i noticed your camera in the accidental self portrait. It looks a lot like mine. What kind is it?
  13. There's an interview with hotel an robob in UP 15 or 16 or something. I'm glad someone posted more of his stuff. That purple and black piece is roasting!
  14. hmm. they dont seem to be working? i wanted to see some of those...
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