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  1. its must be haunted by ghost trains! :eek:
  2. Metal/Cold/Arys Metal/Arys Metal simple x2 Ese/Komes Cosoe hollows Jaber Sole/Erupto Crae Remio Kwest e2e Hoax King157 Benone Mark4/Ope Kwest ?/?/Trixter/Spel Arys?/?/Worm Boxstar done by ?
  3. i thought that empty beer can trick was ridiculous.. i usually try to question every "magic trick" i see... and most of the time i can come up with some sort of theory to explain it.. even if its wrong. but that one trick really amazed me.
  4. Slave Trader, your match is Jennifer Aniston! Who cares if she's married to Brad Pitt? Jennifer Aniston is meant for you! This warm, happy-go-lucky California girl always looks good, and her goofy sense of humor makes her approachable, too. With her friendly ways and comfortable style, she's got the appeal of a girl next door — or maybe an all-American sorority sister. Read more about your celebrity match… too bad this isnt real...
  5. you gotta love the girls with mug shots posted.... classy as fuck.
  6. im curious to see this now.. i know i was around then... but this all seems to be a blur to me.
  7. would my posting one somehow makes yours look any better?
  8. that is, by far, the worst lower case a ive ever seen...
  9. you should have saved all your pictures... like i did when i saw this coming...
  10. last year i heard this next season was its last... so, i think after next year... its gone.
  11. that tag over the railbox looks like it almost says mber.
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