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    graffiti fashion

    WALMART SELLS "GRAFFITI" SHIRTS so this site is finally updated... have a good laugh... http://unconsume.tripod.com _______________ i cant get to the above site due to too much traffic!! post some flicks here so we can see what your talking about. thanks.
  2. wow! thanks for all the kind words everybody. its good to know someone appreciates all the time i put in. thanks again. keep the dream alive at all costs. c.hudson struggle inc. patty sway dot corporate death burger 2043
  3. a 2 inch needle in the ass is better than a 9 inch...... oh wait, ill save the prison stories for a different thread. and everybody please do me a favor and keep the "dangly things" out of your mouth.
  4. i got my ex girl a videotape of herself hanging out with her new boyfriend, just to scare the shit out her when she realizes all the times ive been hiding in the bushes stalking her with a camera. then ill go get drunk and find a new girlfriend. viva la valentines day!
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