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  1. Siggity signed... Thanks For posting this Mental... My best friend is gay and I Fucking hate when people discriminate him or give him shit. This means alot to me...
  2. It would have to be either Bob Marly's redemtion song... or Damn it feels good to be a gangster by Ghetto Boys..... YEEE ah
  3. My Mom is cool as shit... She realizes that I am under Priveliged and really talented so she doesn't care.. When i got one of my pieces in a video I bought it and showed it to her she was all amazed and "So Proud of her little Boy" Hah... A while back she bought me 5 cans of icy grape because I told her if I found some I would sell my soul for it so she picked some up in a Boon dock town in oklahoma.. I love my Mom... To bad my step Dad's an asshole.. he threw away like 20 or 25 cans a while back and my mom tore into his ass and got my paint back for me... Shit I'm damn near 20 I have to move out soon.........i should take my mom with me...
  4. Funniest shit I have ever seen was on top of a 4 story building. My friend and I were painting on a rooftop when we hear a noise like a door or someshit in the alley and see a flash light beam going upwards around the edge of the rooftop... My friend walked over looked down saw the security pulled out his dick and pissed all over the guy... Man it was the funniest shit I have ever seen... I was laughing So hard I almost fell when we were jumping onto another rooftop..
  5. The Only time I ever Got caught... Was because Of this redneck whitetrash ... Seen to many jean Cluade Van Damme Movies Peice of shit.... Alright here it goes.. I was bombing in the burbs... Looking for these gay green clovers that a local gang in that city had been painting every where.. I was going around Crossin em out, trying to start shit... Anyways I am in this alley behind a bunch of duplex houses and their is a wall behind the houses... So i am Bombin over this clover and this White trash Vigilante comes walking out, Taking his trash to the dumpster at like 12:30am, i just turned around(up came the hood) and started walking off... I get like 6 steps and this mother fucker starts yelling "NIGGER" this "IS MY HOOD ESSAY" "YOU WANNA TAKE IT TO THE STREET, I WAS BORN IN THE STREET" blah blah blah... Anyways I spouted off at the mouth alittle and kept walking.. That's when he grabbed me and swung me around ( A big fuckin mistake) and came face to face ... At eye level with a can Of black rustoleum and a fat cap... Needless to say I was eventually caught (someone narked on me to save their own ass) and I got my due punishment including assault.. the guy is 56% blind now... I guess he should have stayed in the fucking house..
  6. I wrote one when I was in Highschool.. Called "Is Graffiti a form of Art or a crime" My teacher ate that shit up like it was candy A+... I think she felt sorry for me, being that I am poor... Wait a minute ... What a bitch!
  7. Mna the one time I have ever been caught it was because of Eyewitnesses, I say their is no such Thing as an innocent bystander... BOOM BOOM BOOM...
  8. Biggity Bombin... All the way.........
  9. THat's fucking ill... Keep it up..
  10. Damn, those are some flavor ass color schemes..... " English Mutha Fucka DO YOU SPEAK IT?"
  11. Haahhaaha..... That's some quality clever commentary!!!!!!!
  12. Rest In peace brother Your getting the biggest "UPS" of them all now.. RIP
  13. Why the fuck do you come out and say stupid shit like that.... What happened to the love and respect (outside of battles of course) in this Function called graffiti
  14. I gotta jump in onthis one.... Ivo Posted pics of walls, SO i guess it is safer to paint on trains than it is on walls and legal walls?? Are you fucking daft?? have you ever dealt with railpolice or ANY american cops for that matter?? I don't think you have the right to talk shit about us when your statement made us look harder than you anyways........ SOrry BIAtch... And Ivo, I'm not really feeling the straight letters but Much props on painting skills and how clean it is... I like the fills too...
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