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  1. ulcer

    my new sketches

    I'm sorry to hear that. Frankly, I can't imagine what that would be like, and really don't want to find out. Peace is fragile.
  2. Ren was the first name I recognized in graf. I respected the footwork, and the handfuls of styles. I looked at his black book at an old 416, and the thing was like a graf bible. Outlines, three or four to a page, all different. There were at least one hundred pages, each one full. Needless to say I was going nuts, because as a young writer (pre-internet domination), those encounters were pretty much the only way to learn how to rock pieces. I think it's hard for young writers to figure out that there was a time before mass graff cross-influence, when writers were judged in part by their approch, and it was much more difficult to find out what style was dominant in some other part of the world. Ren's shit was coming from every direction, from the ground up. He seems pretty quiet, but I'm sure these sorts of tributes mean a great deal to him. Definitely a living legend. 45er...
  3. ulcer

    my new sketches

    Write whatever you want, Carpe Diem. A friend of mine went over there and got some old lady's guts blasted all over her car...That's fucked up.
  4. ulcer

    my new sketches

    I understand that he's just starting out, and I'm fine with that. I've got no problem with new writers...But pick another name, it's worth it in the long run.
  5. ulcer

    KERZ FX>>>

    I always liked his stuff, a big influence on my letters to date. I'm sure I'm not alone on this one.
  6. ha ha...If i knew my pitcher would end up in wynona's crotch i would have kept my hands on it...
  7. So the truth finally comes out... If you want your own thread just e-mail me and I'll put it up for you, no questions asked. I bet I know you. This ain't about Sake versus you, it's just about Sake, so no need to get defensive. Peacers.
  8. I'm pretty sure that was Hope from Toronto, a very well respected writer from the TCM days of domination. He's got characters coming out his ass too. Nice shit.
  9. All I'm asking you is who in montreal is up more than sake...I'm talking numbers here not just ill spots or some one hit wonder tuff stuff. Pretty much every dope bomber I've met in MTL gives Sake mad respect. So some local cats may have certain spots on lock...so what. I've seen daytime footage dude, and the shit is real, regardless of that particular spot. He fistfucked the highway I came in on. I guess he's supposed to drive out to the suburbs and bomb the local dep. It's like Tony Hawk pro skater, cats fuck around in imaginary playland and think they can bring that shit to the streets. "I could bomb that"....but you didn't did you.
  10. I had fun...definitely an eventful weekend. Good to see everybody again. Peace. 45er. P.S. Sorry dude next year I'll rock a helvetica font.
  11. Trik has a more natural style, and can put some polish on his shit which makes it more noticeable, plus he's got the trains under his belt, but frankly Sake has been bombing every day for at least the last five or six years, and is truely all city in Montreal...I mean spots all over, tags, fillins, rollers. Sake has proven himself time and time against all opponents and odds. Trik may be on a stronger pace than Sake was at the get go, and he may or may not be bombing more today, but only time will tell if that can continue for the next 4 or 5 years. Sake is smart and patient and has outlasted almost every other heavy duty montreal bomber. I think he deserves his props...
  12. ulcer


    did loomit paint the first two letters of this cat's pieces for him?
  13. ulcer

    Toronto Battle

    There will be a DJ battle on June 14th and 15th at Higher Grounds in Port Credit. There will be orignal works on display by 45 Lies. The event is a part of the waterfront festival, which always brings crowds, local bars will be in full swing as well. Be sure to come out and support. Check the flyer. http://www.drifterdesign.com/southside.jpg
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