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  1. wolla Originally posted by de la cruz give you one guess who painted and first named it that. And i bet youll answer wrong. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yo what you bet ?it was my boo skew niggas know , now where is my prize i gots to get back to the soapbox in a hurry
  2. yes peyote = DOPE Ivo man you posting any flics this week dude?
  3. heh , you maggots must be hard pressed for action wherever you crawl from bombing drunks and cars that are getting towed - WOW !
  4. snap out of it malaka! america land of style- pfft take the dildo from your head , and put a book in it , like we said freights dont count neither does your wacko streaks hobo sketches and your throw ups are lacking this thing called of originality stop riding of nyorks fame get off the dilsnik
  5. yo zemondoe$ - eat a bowel of dick up geeeee , post your panels on here and im not talking about freights neither wacko because they arent trains widget ps,dont be jealous that we have a passenger train scene malaka
  6. its not even a train what are yous crying about???
  7. its all crud , it should of been called boston toy-o-thon
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