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  1. ok last post......for real......it was meant as a joke.......I shittalk with the kids around here, for shits and giggles.....thats all.....I paint for the art and humor......to enjoy myself.....its freespeach.....I live around some of you, and you can find if you had to, so its not on some chicken shit internet beef.....for fun......So i apoligize if anyone let this get to them.......fuck the drama we ain't all doing the same thing.....so we will agree to disagree......
  2. http://freephoto-i.net/users/tempt2ase/dirty.jpg'> I don't know why all ya'll boys want to fus and fight with me, I was just makin' a laugh outa ya'll.........It's just funny that ya'll post each others flix, just so your buddie down the road who's already seen em' 100 times, can say in front of tha' rest of the world, "dang that sure looks perty".....now I don't know why ya'll boys are gonna tell me how much ya like my stuff when we're sittin' around havin' a good ol' time, and then when I say something that monkey wrenches ya.....ya get all mad....Like I told ya beforeI was bein' funny....not quite as funny as some of you college boys.....but hey fuhket dewd. sorry ya'll don't look at as art....I guess thats why we don't get along.....never did hide the fact I was evade.....ya'll knew iet' ya just had ta do a lil' subtrac-tin' I mean I know its hard cause ya'll got so many different names you use to seem like your ten people an' all.....make it seem like abunch of random people agree with ya'll, but hey this is ya'lls "lil world" now I'm not yer' friends and thats for good reason....ya'll are cutthroat, talk all kinds of shit behind each others back....and you talk about the " bad rep" well I ask you this what are ya'll truly doing to represent the place yer' in? nothin' so theres no bruised reputation....I only wish ya'll had something else in your lives...
  3. I guess this is your little frat party, having all your friends over to tell everyone how great a quarterback you are....but look guys I'm not convinced......Jat its wonderful you have this website to stay up.....Yors I don't know what everyone on 12oz would do if you got a girlfriend, Vets I don't know you and you don't know me, so until you do I would stop jumping on the bandwagon, Amen....lets just say you not been coming a long way but if you come down to NC again I'll show you some stuff ok.....as for whom ever I would love to do it the right way and battle..... for fun or whatever...... Jat I've try to give you some opportunites to do more than freights and you slept on it. Yors I offered you a chance too........So I don't want to even hear this jealous hipocrite stuff ya'll can paint but you are't quite there yet ......I'm gonna leave this thread alone and extend anyone to voice they're opinions through email.......evadeson@yahoo.com
  4. circus freak Junior Member Registered: Aug 2001 Location: Posts: 276 evade...... the one that has been gettin so much shit everyone and yet pushes more than anyone that i know! nice post. ------------------ walls are good but metal rolls just to make things clear there's no doubt that jat's style is nice and that he does paint but i dont' wanna hear defensive little buddies that don't even come around here...as much fun as this is supposed to be, i'm not gonna let people get away with ignorant claims.
  5. Yet he posts his own stuff and speaks about himself in third person...and hardest working my ass...just because he does two or three freights a week, now that it's gettin warm again doesn't mean he's doing shit...just cause he keeps us all posted by sending his newest freights by email so someone will post it for him...I'm not dissing his work or anything like that, it took him 12 years to get to where you start saying he's "hard working" all of a sudden...I know the kid, he ain't doing that much...but it's good to see someone besides Syke is keepin up w/him so well to know what he's doing with himself...Like I said, I know the kid and all his little 12 oz. fame tactics.
  6. http://freephoto-i.net/users/tempt2ase/grime7_lg.jpg'> some more grime
  7. besides do you know who the fuck your talking to? hahaha fun fun
  8. Iron?..... nope.Gso chump walloner.......I guess I am if I would spend 2 months in 30 something degree weather, putting together 5 stories of scaffolding everyday by myself on a 45' by 120' wall and getting paid less than 200 dollars just for the whole job just for the education and love of painting and trying to help a new business.......and not to mention getting two legal walls for all the writers in NC....if anyone were to come to this town they would find themselves very welcome Bers 3 was in town the other day and I ragged on him the whole time for biting scar its all funny ,Jat is desperate for attention and he tried to be inconspicuos about it, which is also funny. syke well you know why your funny,Yors its all about helping you giving you something to do.. but there is nothing wrong with that, just funny. like I was intending to be I guess my wit was misinterpreted.....I'm not good at that 12oz wit....so yeah I guess I am a chump .......I don't have to justify painting though, come to greensboro and you will see for yourself ...... This isn't even my ID its tempts so I didn't write the first post about Jat, the above but since I was attacked I figured I should defend myself I only wrote something about acuse because I think it looks like scar...just my opinion I like acuses older stuff better thats all.....so don't get all your feelings hurt....guys this stuff is for fun... sorry for the novel, I just wanted to keep this bumped for you guys......get you some more fame and shit.......chumpwall, art critic (whats that all about)
  9. I wish I had a dollar for everyone who say's don't talk shit on 12oz.....then maybe I could be a rich kid too....raliegh walls look nice painted "grey"(or reas)......eddie arcade all the way......and to all the little wannabe sportcoaters......
  10. oh yeah by the way nice scArCUSE.....that bisc train is sick too....
  11. wow, jat's been showing up a lot in these threads...he's really desperate for attention. by the way, what was syke thinking with that piece?
  12. i'd say this one is 50/50...half is awesome and the other half lacks any skill what-so-ever
  13. http://freephoto-i.net/users/tempt2ase/twiststars.jpg'> in honor of the mighty twist
  14. I really like them...that little girl is oh-so-cute...and the drips on the first one are cool.
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