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  1. El Jefe'


    go here for your yatta boys and girls http://www.collegehumor.com/go.php?movie=yattapv.asf
  2. El Jefe'


    There was a certain heaviness to the air that day. The townspeople were uneasy.
  3. El Jefe'

    Free paint

    Go here for free paint........ http://www.seizurebots.com/
  4. http://www.pixyland.org/peterpan/ just go, i didnt know people like this were alive
  5. Homies no longer exist! truly! they released their second line of figurines called "mijos" peace
  6. Seeking you are completely wrong, The U.S DID drop bright yellow fliers in japanese warning the people to get the hell out. However, the Japanese government, said that the U.S opposed no threat and to disrigard the fliers. Seeking i suggest you read a book or look into the topic before you just waste someones comment.
  7. neither in anyway, i know people who work there and shit on the hamburgers, no joke
  8. i was thinking for 4 million dollas i will cut off my legs, and i can actually feel them
  9. actually the point of circumcision is to stop the increased chance of infection and wide spread disease. an uncicumcized penis is almost guarnteed to get infected with the magnitude and variety of diseases. in the old days the world was partitioned so that certain diseases were only in certain parts of the world, but now with the world being mixed together every disease is everywhere therfore they affect people that under normal circumstances would not be exposed. this was most common from the late 1800's through the early 1900's as many penis's were infected, which brought upon the idea of circumcision to lessen the chance and increase cleanliness. what is on the website may be true however, i would rather have worn out gland or whatever than an amputation of my main man. (its what they did) thanks everyone
  10. hey guys, i was just at this website and did some calculations. it says that freck hopes to have 200,000 members join and right now they have about 100,000. next, the fee to join is 20$, think about it thats 2 million dollars just for those 100k people, and 4 million if the expected amount joins. does it really cost 4 million dollars for prosthetic legs?????? we may be witness to one of the biggest scams in history. keep it in mind.
  11. 1.Oompa Loompas 2.KFC 3.That thing on my ass.....?
  12. you cant expect to learn to hack through a thread. to become even a poor hacker takes a lifetime of work. dont even try
  13. yeah i got the same thing. im gonna go shoot myself now
  14. well..... i reckon these tractors here are gonna run ya bout 2 thousan dollas.
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