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  1. goddamnit i wish we had some freight like that in florida
  2. i must be missing something
  3. acid 3.0 is the shit...matches beats w/ the beat mapper...converts to any damn file u can possibly think of...d-load that cracked shit off morpheus kid fareal
  4. Re: Re: Massive post... there's got to be more to that than there seems
  5. alright here ya go http://www.yourphotos.com/users/4029/robertson_jennifer_03.jpg'>
  6. lets see who pimps on this site....no fakes...i'l have mine up tomorrow
  7. i used this one last weekend after a couple percacets and sum natrual light(yummy): get your hands off me I'm cereal. cereal=serious. the whole party ragged on me for that. trool is tippy=tool is trippy
  8. ummm...it might just me but...uh....dare anyone....looks like he's biting to me...feel free to crucify me if i'm wrong though. Dare is the best european writer. bates=much skills, dare=more skills...thank you for your time.:king:
  9. i like carcass, hmmm jethro mabe, stencil the cat tag bel biv divo is my favorite barney cum bucket father abraham <----------good one norm mcdonald skeletor azriel < the cat from the smurfs or gargamel flea bag hemmeroid nut sac dooby skoo hooker elrod quigley ebeneizer lazy the cat miami heat nike throw up wild style tag barabus tampax soma the catjerry curl cellulite debbie krylon montana.......i could go on for days
  10. I'm not gonna hate on you cuz you got ups. but if that is the style you like then more power to you. But be warned that it is not a very popular and sought out one. If you post it, people are gonna hate on you. Actually I've hated on you in the past and decided to rethink it before doing it again. So keep killing shit, mabe try to expand your "style" and do what you like. But in my opinion your shit might as well not be there with that tues burning next to it.:D
  11. http://www.streetsoldierz.com/sew/images/walls_sew3.jpg'> one of the best pieces i've ever seen
  12. yourphotos server before sept. 11= pretty stable your photos server after sept. 11=over run
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