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  1. Awe, Do ya feel left out KiD...:(
  2. :lol: And SHAME on those kids!
  3. PhEnDiX is OnE BiG gHeTTo!!!
  4. You going to Boston KiD? ------------------ http://communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nIgAAAGIKupHupHsQzRELMABxUldZRGgEmDJnfjXPHZSsSQfD1Tjt9B26jpx5lDHxFrIETJNWOR0'>
  5. Ha Ha, My MoM pulled that shit with me once. Cause my toys where every where (cause I was looking for something for her, that might have ended up in my toy box). Only she made me put all the toys in the garbage bag and take them to the dumpster myself. I cried for weeks. Still to this day (14 years lata) I never forgave her for it. ------------------ http://communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nIgAAAGIKupHupHsQzRELMABxUldZRGgEmDJnfjXPHZSsSQfD1Tjt9B26jpx5lDHxFrIETJNWOR0'>
  6. Hum...Lets see...Oh yes, I used to have a 3 bdrm house, car, 51' big screen tv, mad furniture, 2 rotties, and 4 cats. Now I don't have shit...Oh, but I do still have my iLL Monchhichi DoLL... ------------------ http://communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nIgAAAGIKupHupHsQzRELMABxUldZRGgEmDJnfjXPHZSsSQfD1Tjt9B26jpx5lDHxFrIETJNWOR0'>
  7. Oh Oh, Looks like your not the "Candy Queen". Now and Laters are bomb. You can get em in lil' five packs (cherry, grape, sour apple, ect...) They are mad fLaVaLiCiouS... TwiX WiTh BuTTeRFinGeR... ------------------ http://communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nIgAAAGIKupHupHsQzRELMABxUldZRGgEmDJnfjXPHZSsSQfD1Tjt9B26jpx5lDHxFrIETJNWOR0'>
  8. Yo KiD, What the Fuck?? HahHAhHAHhahHAHh HAHHahHahahHAAHAHHahHAH... ------------------ http://communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nIgAAAGIKupHupHsQzRELMABxUldZRGgEmDJnfjXPHZSsSQfD1Tjt9B26jpx5lDHxFrIETJNWOR0'>
  9. Hellz YaH KiD, Don't forget CoCo RiCo ------------------ http://communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nIgAAAGIKupHupHsQzRELMABxUldZRGgEmDJnfjXPHZSsSQfD1Tjt9B26jpx5lDHxFrIETJNWOR0'>
  10. And you wouldn't even have to pay child support. ------------------ http://communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nIgAAAGIKupHupHsQzRELMABxUldZRGgEmDJnfjXPHZSsSQfD1Tjt9B26jpx5lDHxFrIETJNWOR0'>
  11. Ewie, que cucko!! What other parts of North America does that thing dwell?? ------------------ http://members.aol.com/illdame/myhomepage/logo_bos_79x76.gif'>
  12. Hahahaah http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//rolleyes.gif'>, This is to much ------------------ http://communities.msn.com/isapi/fetch.dll?action=MyPhotos_GetPubPhoto&PhotoID=nIgAAAGIKupHupHsQzRELMABxUldZRGgEmDJnfjXPHZSsSQfD1Tjt9B26jpx5lDHxFrIETJNWOR0'>
  13. what type of sausage? ------------------ http://members.aol.com/illdame/myhomepage/logo_bos_79x76.gif'>
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