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  1. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    INDY 500

    i dont know what these kids is talken about. Kam is toy. And no i didnt see his shit up any where when i was in Indy. Oh yeah, and fuck TCB. Cola dont want none.
  2. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    INDY 500

    i dont wanna stir shit up anymore then people in this post already has. and its to interesting to stay clear from responding. but, fuck it. NUA must be some crazy kids to have every writer out side their crew and in Indy complaining on the internet about them.. As far as i'm concerned. I like shit by NUA. EVEN IF ITS NOT THE BEST SHIT I'VE SEEN. But who cares anyways ? Do you really get pissed off when you see writers that have been around longer then you doing stuff that you probably wouldnt flick and further more. post it on the internet ? and i dont believe that all they do is legal work.. because i wouldnt have known of them if that was the case.. so case closed.. why try to make others hate them ? are you guys inferior ? are you gonna blow up and diss their shit ? or nut up and fight them ? Most likely you'll diss em when they arent looking.. And hide when they are around. either way. shit wont change unless every one can change their attitudes and smarten up. The bottom line is this.. You gotta be a fucken sucker to hold in this anger and let it out on the internet. I mean you can tell people "NUA IS BAD.. THEY ARE TOYS, they dont do graffiti really good.. it should look like the shit i jock on the 12oz." And to tell you the truth that makes you look stupid, weak, gay, toyish. pick one. Whatever. but its strait foolish. :rolleyes:
  3. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    My thread to battle Spacemanspiff...HAHAHA...

  4. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    SAY NO 2 WAR

    CELPH FLV !!!!
  5. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    shes widely known...

    The train you cant read is BLAH ITS BLAH
  6. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    hello my friends...

    hymn 2 with your hands up
  7. SMARTYsniffenJOE


    post more cy one is the illest.
  8. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    NUA click worldwide

    TO ASIC. Yo asic, your gonna get served bitch. Talk as much shit as you want now. Cause i'm comen through your spot real soon here again.. And this time my intentions is fucken you up. Strait up, you got some beef on your hands. take it how you want. I dont even need a crew to back me up. If your down, Get at me NISK_1979@yahoo.com That way we can even schedual somethen. Other wise. i'm bringen it to you.. You think this is joke ? you got a smart ass comment ? Let it be. I'm fucken you up.
  9. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    more action(shots) satisfaction.

    No, crums has only been painting for 5 years he even said so in UNDER PRESSURE
  10. SMARTYsniffenJOE


    Re: Re: BIG UPS TO UPSK Nope, not from Chicago... Thats cornhustlah. And you wanna try to fuck me up ? Or any of my friends. email me @ NISK_1979@yahoo.com we can arrange anything you want. By the way name one UPSK kid that backed down from you. Thats what i thought.. your a pussy. But hey, you talk tuff. so lets get some info. exchanged if you wanna pull some shit.
  11. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    Ideal cities and Holiday deppression.

    POST if your still in grand island, then get at me NISK_1979@yahoo.com
  12. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    Ideal cities and Holiday deppression.

    TO POST POST, if your still in grand island nebraska get at me NISK_1979@yahoo.com i know a friend of yours. and we can paint.
  13. SMARTYsniffenJOE


    BIG UPS TO UPSK HELLS YEAH. They be crushen shit so hard, they got the toys and trash in washington haten on em over the internet. Cause they know if they were to bring anything face to face. They would strait up get served. And thats no lie.
  14. SMARTYsniffenJOE


    AHHH yeah and it dont stop BUMP. For all the pimp ass dudes that were posted.
  15. SMARTYsniffenJOE

    more action(shots) satisfaction.

    Crums has only been painting for like 5 years now.