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  1. scienxe

    4th piece

    too late buddy. if there was ever any phrase to describe me it is definitely punk rock internet dork. and im 19 years old and broke.
  2. scienxe

    4th piece

    oh and yeah. this is the first legal i've ever done, too. so im not "starting out on legals." welp, im going to philadelphia now. cya
  3. scienxe

    4th piece

    oh no no no... i completely understand. i was talking to dude up there who called me sonny. thanks for your suggestions. i've heard this alot and i've actually started sketching more straight-letter pieces lately. peace out
  4. scienxe

    4th piece

    well its really not a problem anymore. i have caps again now and i can maintain a really good line with them. i was just impatient and wanted to paint. if the tools are there, i might as well use them.
  5. scienxe

    4th piece

    well here is my fourth piece ever. i was out of caps so i used stocks out of that cheap walmart paint. it was really hard to maintain a consistently clean line, but i tried. here it is. atleast maybe you can see progression from my other work... soze http://www.mindspring.com/~janicewilson/soze2.jpg'> the character next to it (which says "im sorry i suck so badly!") http://www.mindspring.com/~janicewilson/char1.jpg'> this is my friend's second attempt at spraycan art =) http://www.mindspring.com/~janicewilson/nero1.jpg'> this is the whole damn wall http://www.mindspring.com/~janicewilson/wholewall.jpg'> weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. dude tortoise rules. i was going to see the ex and tortoise but couldnt get there. sigh
  7. all really nice. i really like the fill on the last one
  8. so i was at brad's house and picked up on some news about the philly tony pointless hardcore birthday bash halocaust. its august 18th PROBABLY at the rotunda. and it features 11 bands!!! they are... tragedy from ashes rise deathreat no parade (most likely) kill the man who questions rambo (most likely) murdered minority (from nashville) and 4 other bands that are probably philly locals... i dont want to guess. anyway. im trying to get the full list for my own enjoyment but ill post if i get it. peace out.
  9. that jones rules. and it sucks that anyone is going to get shit for doing any sort of abstract piece because other people "did it first." fuck that. if you want to be consistent then STOP PAINTING. after all, someone did that first, too. "there's nothing thats new under heaven, there's nothing that hasn't been done. pour me another double cliche. you can't write a song that's never been sung."
  10. holy fucking christ almighty. i just heard about this ridiculous show happening next month some time in philly... deathreat, from ashes rise, no parade, tragedy, and born dead icons. yes you heard right. and you may ask yourself WHY is this hardcore halocaust happening? 2 words. tony pointless. its the man's birthday and for those of you who know him, it is no surprise to know that he is paying the gas money for the bands to get there and is actually flying some tragedy members out for the show. more info will come as it gets more concrete, but I'LL be there and you should be too.
  11. wait, it wasn't my FAULT at all... complete luck (or lack thereof.) the situation was unavoidable. and as for legals go, you can't expect to not get buffed sooner or later. so i wouldnt feel too bad about going over someone (but of course i'd try not to, and especially not something way better than what i can do - which is alot better than this piece i think) anyway. thanx
  12. scienxe


    oh come on. ravers aren't hurting anyone. they're just kids having fun. just because you dont like (or feel threatened?) by their style doesn't mean you should resent them for it. its ok to feel indifferent about things, most people try to hate everything they're not completely into. anyway. the music is good usually. if you've ever actually been to a rave, you'd probably like it (drugged or not) they're just fun. tons of people dancing to good music. oh well. the drugs and the clothes arent for me.
  13. i play a mexican sunburst strat with a seymour duncan jb jr bridge pickup (fucking hot as hell) and i put in a push-pull potentiometer so my second tone nob changes it from humbucking to single coil so i can still have a country twang if i am really really feeling dumb. my amp which im selling on ebay as we speak is a marshall jcm-2000 tsl 100 (yes... triple super lead 100 watt) with a 1960-classic type a slant cabinet (yeah.... thats with the 4x12 celestion greenbacks...) and it rocks ass hard. i have to get rid of it though and its a long story. i plan to buy a peavey vtm120 which rocks ass hard (even harder than the marshall for thrash, etc.) which is a lot cheaper anyway. i also play an epiphone les paul special which is pretty cheesy but has some kick ass high end on it. i dont use pedals anymore except for an 7slider eq pedal that i basicaly use as a volume pedal for solos and whatnot. my bass is a mexican fender jazz bass (sunburst) and ihave a peavey markIV head with a 1x15 and a 4x10 cabinet. that is all. (well not really but thats all i use.)
  14. jeremy wray element deck, venture featherlights (yeah i still got em), dooks super floppy rubber risers, china bones, and spitfire "classics" 53's i think. my deck is thrashed though, my brother fucked it up while i was out of town, so i'll be investing in a new element soon
  15. hey aset... i cant get your email from the profile... so get in touch with me at xdissent(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
  16. oh... i always thought it was something people told complete tards who had absolutely no can control. but i guess the letter form thing is valid... but i'd rather just sketch letter studies and paint stuff i would enjoy doing. its ok about getting caught, tonight i went over to the building and painted over my name (not the whole pieces) so they wouldn't know i did all the stuff i did, and im pretty sure we can talk the owner into letting us paint over all of it and theyll drop the charges. my brother is good at talking people into things and im good at being pathetic. wish us luck -the artist formerly known as radix/scienxe
  17. why straight letters? why does everyone say that?! i personally dont like the way straight letters look (usually) and its not exactly artistic expression to write something closely resembling the arial font. oh well, i like my letters. why is the nashville legal shutting down? that sucks hardcore. blah. im sure i can figure something out to keep me busy http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//wink.gif'> peace out
  18. BUSTED! so last night my brother and i went out within walking distance from my house to do a few throwups and come back. we were stealth and all and finished up, then as we were walking back (behind a building) we were being kind of casual, thinking we were in the clear and a cop rolls up on us from behind. apparently the fucking building had an alarm go off because they forgot to pay their power bill and the electricity got cut off, triggering the alarm. and we HAPPEN to be behind it. so the guy asks us if we stole anything from the building and we were like oh no of course not. and he asks us if he can frisk us and we say sure. he does, then as i think hes about to let us go because we were obviously not fucking with the store, he asks if he can look in my bag. i ask if he can just go through people's bags like that and he says "why? do you have anything illegal" i say no, but because i said he can't look in it, that gave him probable cause (because i was defensive) so he found paint, caps, and gloves and arrested us. THEN while we're in the cars he asks if i hit this place a little up the road and i say no. turns out he was talking about that piece up there. and he got another cop to go over there and found my throwie on the same wall so i got nailed for that piece too. i mean i guess i got off for a few other things but fuck. so i have 2 misdemeanor vandalism charges and have to go book myself in a few days. so yeah. but oh well, atleast it wasn't really due to my carelessness ... just one of those things. bleh. but aset... until i get this cleared up its all legal walls for me. peace out.
  19. wait... MY shit looks fake? or the one that weird guy posted? my modem broke so i have to go to great lengths to even read this board... so posting another pic would be hard but i really will do it if the validity of my flick is actually in question. as for the other guys... yeah it really does look fake, but i dont care.
  20. yeah youre right. its all fake. no... not really. its not legal and its on a wall behind a building in madison, on the outskirts of nashville. i'll post a wider angle pic if you really want. no i never said anyone was a cop... i think thats pretty stupid considering the things people get called cops for doing. yeah i wrote radix and scienxe before. and i guess i still do. i dont know. its not like im adding more names as i go or anything, i just plain dont like scienxe anymore, but im sticking with the other 2. anyway. thanx for the suggestions and all. but i guess the bottom line is... should i get up somewhere publicly visible yet? i mean would you laugh at that piece if you saw it out in the open or what? anyway. even though most of the compliments ive been getting have been accidental (ie. "shit looks fake") thanx again. you guys have been really really encouraging!
  21. this is my first piece that wasnt pretty much just a character. i guess you would say this is my 3rd time out painting. any pointers? suggestions? soze http://members.aol.com/xdiss3nt/images/soze1.jpg'> thanx!
  22. yeah i just did my first real "piece" tonight and i dont know. it looks pretty good i think. i'll post pictures tomorrow when i can catch it in the daylight. thanx for the advice
  23. eh i dont know. they all have tiny differences but are kind of the same band (including having the same members.) but id say i like deathreat best out of that group of bands. anyone have the deathreat/D.S.B split??? brad gave away his last one before i could ask =(
  24. god orchid is so good. lightning bolt too. never seen them play though. there's something about a contraption that he sings through? some type of mask? i think eulogy tries to rip it off or something. regardless, i was not in philly when they came through. i missed so many shows this month. aaaaaaaaaah
  25. i travel. i lived in philly for like 6 months and now im stuck in nashville for maybe another week, then im back in philly. im FROM nashville though. and it was my first time. thanx for the accidental compliment
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