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  1. i've got a copy of it, pretty bootleg tho (burn of a burn and all that). its good shit, all just nice dirty rza beats, but it doesn't have the wille williamson track on it however, just the score to the move...
  2. ok..could someone please descibe the difference between assume and presume?
  3. haha...i agree. happy birthday all you people i don't even know (but are librans, so i feel all warm and fuzzy and in birthday spirits)
  4. peter jackson is currently working on the lord of the rings trilogy filmed in my neck of the woods...woohoo many elven, orc (?), etc extras are my friends and family...aww.
  5. yes...but he documents it...i think that makes a difference incredible stuff. he seems very dedicated. and the ritualistic nature (?) of it all is pretty fucking cool
  6. oh man...i know everyone's gotta do what they gotta do...but, for what its worth, i would highly recommend NOT trying datura. i basically went insane..although i didn't realise this--friends i bumped into that night told me i did (as i was wandering around the city like a madwoman) and while they shepherded me home, someone else took my companion to hospital to revive him from the coma he was practically in...and get his stomach pumped. nasty business
  7. oh my god. this is an excellent post!! on and on...
  8. http://www.theonion.com/onion3731/god_give..._shout-out.html
  9. aahahaaha...an ex flatmate of mine used to own some nitro... hilarious
  10. bic

    heart of gold

    think i'll pack it in...and buy a pick-up...
  11. bic

    akira dvd.

    is this anything to do with the mervyn peake books? did they make them into a movie??
  12. i like 'real sharp'... underground steppennwolf?? this kind of shit usually stays up for years aswell so whatevers local gets burned into your brain...well, where i live anyway
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